Baby steps towards progress

I'm not in any kind of denial about how much work it's going to take me to move. I have gotten rid of some things for sure since I moved in here almost 10 years ago. But I've gotten a lot too. There's nothing like packing stuff to feel like a hoarder or some kind of addict.

Yesterday, as I noted last night, I started getting pictures off the wall. I hope it's not a bad sign that I broke the glass in one of the frames within one of the first three things that I took down.

I also learned that Command Strips on painted doors that were last painted 30 years ago with possible lead paint might as well be sticky backed Velcro like the rest of the pictures were.


Actually, this is from a few months ago before I added a couple of pictures, but you get the point.
Not only did I get all the pictures down, but all the sticky stuff that I had on the back to hang them. 

It's just the paint gone - no damage to the doors.
It's going to be a short month! That's good at the rate the dog next door is barking. Bad at the progress I have to make.

It does make me reflect back to last February which was a leap year. I was annoyed by that extra day given it was the last day at the last job. Kind of weird to think it's already been a year!

P.S. If you have any boxes, let me know!