This time, I did not use my nice voice

You all, my dear readers, may be sad about my upcoming move. I, however, am not.

I came home and laid on my horn in annoyance. One truck was parked in front of my gate. Another right behind where I park.

I got out of my car and "Chrissy" came out. I think she said something my direction, and the following was our exchange.

Neither of us using a nice tone... Being nice hasn't worked for me thus far. Bad attitude on my part, I know.

"Why is there a truck in front of my gate?"

"Because it's muddy over here."

"But it's still in front of my gate. And another one right behind me."

"That's my little brother's. He's staying with me for the weekend. I can have him move it."

"Whatever. I'm not getting out again tonight."


"It's fine. I'm not getting out again tonight."

"Then why...?"

"I thought we had been through this before. People are always parking in front of my gate."

(We had nicely discussed this before.)

They'll be out there later tonight drinking and smoking. And there will be cigarette butts all over the place. And drink cups around my car. And it will still look like a hobo village.

Four more weeks and it's someone else's problem.

This is looking between the slats where the gate opens.