I wish I observed Presidents Day

After spending the day out at basketball games, we moved some stuff around and showed the girls my new place. Paige says it has potential, but needs some Audraizing and is concerned about where I will put my shampoo.

We realized how tired we all were when Peyton feel asleep in the truck on the way to eat. Peyton decided she wanted to come over here, and as soon as we got home, it was take a shower and go to bed early time. In bed by 9... Asleep by 10. And that's the earliest I have slept in who knows how long.

Oh, but before sleep time, I had to figure out which smoke alarm battery was going out and chirping. That noise drives me insane which I guess is the point.

I didn't sleep well with a terrible sleeper on the other side of the bed, and at one point, a train came through laying on its horn for longer than normal. At 6 AM, the dog next door started barking non-stop. I finally got up, and went to the bathroom. When I came out, Peyton says, "that stupid dog won't stop barking. I know why you are moving."

My back was hurting (probably a kick to the kidneys or something) so I told her I was going to the living room to sit on the couch, so she wanted to come along. On our way, I turned on the back porch light, opened the door, told the dog, "hush, that's enough, you've already woken up all the neighbors."

After three whimpers, I heard nothing else from the dog. So, then we watched the live action 101 Dalmatians. Peyton didn't realize there was an animated version. We will be watching it on VHS when I unpack.

Needless to say, it was naptime after church and lunch. I wish I observed Presidents Day like my mom and was off tomorrow.

I need to be doing something, but am watching Worst Cooks in America.

As bad as my potato soup and over seasoned crock pot pasta was... And even though I put that cobbler in too small a dish... I am much better cook than anyone on here. I can guarantee.