They did get the point

After I came in last night after my why-is-there-a-truck-in-front-of-my-gate rant, the neighbors moved both trucks.

I am proud of them.

This morning when I went to check the mail, the dog followed me. She's off her chain again. When I went back through the house and out the gate to leave, another vehicle was by the gate.

When I drove around to get on the street, the dog was in the street. She survived her time in the street because she welcomed me around back later, although she won't let me pet her.

Tonight when I came home for the noght, I parked diagonally to take up as much room as I possibly could.

I am sure they are talking about me.

In other news, basketball season has started. I only saw one game for each of the girls because I needed to go sign my lease while the guy that owns it was in town.

And to answer the question that everyone I have told so far has asked (mainly Jenny and Paige), yes, I can paint. Hooray!