I just thought I was a hoarder before

I just thought I was a hoarder with all my mugs. Last night during commercials while watching Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, and during the hour following, I filled the 11 copy paper boxes that I had picked up earlier in the day.

Eight of them are full of books. The others have some other things that were on my shelves, my collection of Disney clam shell videos, and other DVDs and CDs. (I don't buy CDs anymore, but I'm glad I had these left when my computer died about a year ago and my iPod didn't want to sync to the new one and bring the music back to me.)

The saddest part about the 11 boxes, that wasn't even everything that was along one wall of my office. However, it was the highest concentration of "stuff" in all of my house.

I wonder what I can accomplish tonight before my parents ask what all I have gotten done.