Dishing it, but I can take it too

So obviously lately I have been trying to become a popular blogger with my posts on The Bachelor. I've been sharing the links via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. including the show's pages.

I'm not going to become famous anytime soon because the posts only show between 100-150 hits though I can tell more people are coming to the blog than it shows. Anyway, I have picked up some readers.

I've also picked up some comments on Facebook from people that don't agree with me. Ok. I share my opinion, you yours... It's really kind of been funny. This week's comments were actually the first ones disagreeing I received.

Admittedly, I called Juan Pablo a shallow jerk and shared my link.

One reader wrote back: "If you can call him a jerk, and clare, "fake teeth," is it OK to call you FAT?"

I responded: "Since it is true, yes."

I deserved that for the fake teeth comments. That's on par. The jerk thing is a personality problem. Another category, but I digress.

Another remark: "Read your blog and I did not like the fact that you said you can't call the women "ladies", they may be dumb but they are ladies. I don't think he had sex with any of them until the overnight dates. I think the ocean thing with Clare might have been good editing. Did not like that you said how ugly Clare sister's dog was as I find all dogs beautiful lol. Anyhow the main thing I don't agree on is the fact that I don't think it would have made a difference if Rene would have told Juan Pablo that she loved him before the rose ceremony. HE WAS NOT THAT INTO HER. I know everyone was rooting for Renee but there was no chemistry there. I don't get why people don't get that Juan Pablo has been consistent on who his favorites were: Clare, Nikki and Sharleen who left on her own."

My answer: "Those were just my opinions - everybody has one. :)"

I stand by what I said. The dog was ugly. It just was. Think what you want about what did and didn't happen in the ocean. I think we know what happened. Renee is neither here nor there. Regardless of whether or not any of them "did" or not, I still think they aren't very ladylike.

In other reality TV news...

I should have blogged about Survivor last night. This season it is brains vs. beauty vs. brawn.

I REALLY want to cheer on the brains, but they are not proving their intelligence. It was a double episode and they went to tribal council twice. Dumb brains!

Sadly, I think the beauty team has more going for it, and I usually don't like those types on Survivor.

What I am most excited about TV-wise is the night I have been waiting for since November or December.

New episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. I'm so ready to go down and have TV night. Each show has 8 (Scandal) or 12 (GA) new episodes in a row coming up. YES!