Juan Pablo wins Mr. Insensitive title on #TheBachelor, but that's ok!

I have really been trying to get my blog posts on The Bachelor to go viral. By doing so, I've been sharing links on The Bachelor's Facebook page.

I've been able to get a lot of blog reads from doing that, but one woman took exception to the fact that I couldn't call the women "ladies" and that I called Clare's sister's dog ugly. It's just my opinion folks, just my opinion. I stand by both comments.

Tonight promises to hold lots of drama as we get glimpses of the overnight dates in St. Lucia.

First is fake Clare and her fake teeth. After she gushes over never having expected a year ago to be in this place with the man she loves, she says she has been going back and forth on her answer about staying over for the overnight date when the time comes. Evidently, "swimming in the ocean," is code for, well, you know. She talks about how swimming in the ocean made him uncomfortable.

Once they board the yacht, they talk about her family. She makes a bigger deal of him loving her family than he does, and she tells him about her sister Laura's objections because it's just a TV show. She also shares that her parents only dated for three weeks before becoming engaged. Then she blathers on more (in voice over) as they actually do go swim in the ocean.

Tonight is a great night to figure out how he feels about Clare after spending a great day together. "Tonight, is a chance to get to know her better, a lot better."

Clare absolutely babbles on about meeting Camilla and makes no sense to me, but makes sense to him. Then again, I don't understand him either, so, maybe they just speak their own language.

He gives her the invitation to the fantasy suite. She takes a deep breath and takes a long time to find her words. She brings up Vietnam and wants to keep his daughter in consideration. "It matters to me that it matters to you." He tells her that part is over, but everyone left gets a chance at an overnight. Since it is their only alone time without the cameras to spend together, they go off.

Oh, but it isn't time for the cameras to leave yet. They sit in silence for a little bit before he asks why she is thinking a lot. (His words, not my awkward phrasing.) Then, there is some loud kissing. And the cameras still don't leave while they are in the hot tub.

Juan Pablo is the man she wants to have babies with, and she's never felt that way about someone before.

He claims their sleepover was a lot of talking.

I think at one point I was interested in him becoming the Bachelor because we didn't know much about him last season. That was because there was nothing to know. Nothing. There is not one thing deep about him from what I can tell.

Next up is Andi. She brings up her family's hesitation to the camera, but said there was greatness in seeing him in her hometown.

They start their day by playing drums with the street performers. Then, they sit down at a table with a couple of young kids and offer them food and drink. The kids are leery as they well should be! He plays soccer with the kids on the beach.

After playing around, they take a land buggy off to a remote waterfall. When they sit down to talk, she pins him down to answer questions about what happened with her family that he didn't tell her. He's not big on wanting to talk much.

No, he's more into kissing and making out in water... now under the waterfall.

Juan Pablo wants to ask some questions to make sure she isn't pushing things since she said she "really badly wanted to fall in love." He doesn't want to force it. She takes it seriously because of his daughter. She admits to over-thinking things.

There is some talking in circles about listening, mainly by him. I do pick up that he doesn't know if Andi will make a good mother or not, but he can see her in his life. He wants to talk more overnight.

This time, we see inside the special suite before the cameras leave. Juan Pablo thinks Andi could be the one. Then, we all get kicked out.

Juan Pablo claims they talked and laughed for hours. For hours.

Her take is completely different. She couldn't wait to get out of there. She said it turned into a nightmare and that she saw a side of she did not like. Andi hopes that he did not think that it went well and it was a good date.

While there was a chemistry that pushed her along, she realized that anytime she tried to talk about herself that he started talking about himself. She doesn't think he cares for her. He evidently name drops, and Andi was turned off by him bringing up his overnight with Clare. Since he has no filter, she now finds him offensive and in love with himself.

Andi now feels like she's wasted a lot of time and emotions. She wants to fall in love, but not with him.

Good girl for finally seeing that!

Now, it's time to ride horses with Nikki. He purrs at having spent all day with Clare in a bikini and he really enjoyed his time with Andi.

I don't know what is up with Nikki's clothing choice. Ugly patterned pants and a fringed bikini top that is hideous. Nikki says she's glad she brought pants. He thinks she should have been riding in a thong. TMI!

Nikki made the statement that it had been a long time since she had seen him and hopes he still remembers her. I'm guessing it's been a week? Two tops?

In talking about her family, she says they really liked him. She gets nervous about his admission to her (and her dad) that he wasn't 100% certain at this point. However, she does hope to be able to tell him that she loves him tonight.

"You're thinking a lot today." Juan Pablo's favorite line of the night when it gets quiet. It doesn't bother him at all to remind her how many people are still around. She doesn't have to think twice about accepting the suite.

I hope the room was sanitized before they entered. They sit down and she finally gets the words out between kisses. (And there are really loud nocturnal animals in the background.)

Now that the dates are over, and we see lizards scatter about, like an episode of Survivor, Juan Pablo sits down with Chris Harrison to talk about what has been going on. With three left, he doesn't know what to do now.

In a moment reminiscent of The Biggest Loser, Juan Pablo watches videos of the women recounting their time together. Nikki first talking about getting to say she loved him. Clare being Clare with her quirky body language brings him to tears.

Finally, Andi talks about going from crush to something more. Then, she rolls into that she had some thoughts after their overnight and she wants to talk to in person. So, the video fades, and she comes to talk.

Lots of little insects run around as we come back from commercial break. The prelude to Andi telling Juan Pablo it is over because she doesn't feel like he is taking it seriously. Kissing is his response to her trying to talk. Yep. I've noticed.

He really likes Andi. At least before she comes.

She does give him a hug when she walks up. He plays with her hair as she tries to figure out where to get started.

Andi starts off by telling him she had a good time and had feelings in the process. However, when she woke up in the suite she realized she was not - and would not be - in love with him.

Juan Pablo says, "it is fine. What's meant to be is meant to be." He just shrugs it off.

Andi tells him it should not just be ok if it meant anything to him. She says it comes off as him not having feelings. He tries to cover by saying the words don't matter since English isn't his first language.

He comes off as so "take it or leave it."

She asked him how she felt the overnight went. They discuss how bringing up the other overnight dates comes across. His answer, "I'm honest." Andi brings up him telling her that she "barely made it" to this round and how that hurt her feelings. Evidently it was close between her and Renee.

They argue back and forth about words that he actually used. Then, Andi asks him if she knows her views on any important issues. Juan Pablo puts it off on her that she should have brought up this stuff in the fantasy suite instead of now.

Here's the thing... no matter who he picks, communication is going to be a problem.

Once Andi leaves, Juan Pablo says he wasn't going to argue with a lawyer and puts it all off on her. She asserts in the car as she is leaving that it isn't about language - he just doesn't get it. I believe that too.

She's hit the nail on the head.

Juan Pablo was shocked that Andi left, "but that's ok." In the car, Andi says that Juan Pablo is just probably saying, "it's ok."

Andi's last words are that she hopes he is different with Clare and Nikki.

Chris Harrison tells the two women that Andi is no longer there. Nikki is shocked, but wants to know whose choice it was to leave.

Juan Pablo says Andi left because she didn't have strong feelings for him. He is giving out two roses, but if they aren't in it, they can tell him no, and he'll understand.

Nikki, and of course Clare, accept the roses and that is that.

Clare thinks now that it is between her and Nikki, it will tell a lot about what kind of person Juan Pablo is since they are such two different women.

Next week: The Women Tell All!