I could teach as well as she did

Rakia, Angie and I joined the Painting with the Twist craze. Rakia had actually been to one before, but Angie and I were newbies.

Even though I have a degree in art, painting was never my thing, although I do think I could have taught better than our instructor. She took a lot of breaks leaving me to want to ad lib, and as the only one looking at the original, left us with really crooked Eiffel Towers that didn't look like the original. She couldn't figure out why there was a semi-circle on the pink on the left side, so we had it in the wrong place because she didn't realize it was the arch of the fourth side. 

I came home wanting to go shopping at Hobby Lobby to see what it would cost to buy supplies to start teaching my own classes. Except my classes would have an official karaoke element because singing 80s songs was a lot of fun. 

But then again, if I just held classes at home, it wouldn't have been as much fun without Blake and Clare there. Blake was the token male there with his wife. We fed him from our Valentine's M&Ms stash (each of the three of us bought a different kind on sale at Target), and during his boredom during the instructor's breaks, he added "I <3 a="" and="" clare="" come="" drove="" for="" funny.="" get="" giant="" had="" he="" her="" his="" in="" into="" ladder="" order="" out="" p="" painting.="" pretty="" seeing="" step="" stool="" the="" to="" truck.="" truck="" was="">