The Bachelorette: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

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I honestly am ready to watch it after this preview!

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So, this week we head to head to Venice. If I had a snowball's chance of getting cast, I'd go on the show for the travel.

Yeah, right! Who am I kidding? I wouldn't make it past the first rose ceremony.

As soon as she arrives to meet the guys, Andi announces that the first one-on-one date starts right then without a date card. Everyone expects it to be Cody since he is the only one who hasn't had a one-on-one among the men still left.

Surprisingly, it's Nick. Cody believes he's the pet dog among the group, being drug along. 

However, Andi has her reasons -- a method to her unpopular madness. After some tension last week, she has to see if anything is still there with Nick. He got the first impression rose, but she's not she's not sure that is still there.

The rest of the guys show up at the Abano Grand Hotel. Yet another place I could never afford.

Chris and Cody have a man to man. Chris correctly guesses that maybe the two just need to work some things out, that maybe it isn't that she's so terribly interested. He knows he needs to apologize and make good on being such a bratty child last week during the group date.

It's so hard not to fall in love and be romantic in Venice, at least according to Andi. They have some pizza. A bird lands on his head (I wish it left a mark on him). They walk hand-in-hand and trade smooches. Yet, it will still take some convincing.

Soon, the date card arrives back at hotel. Brian reads it: "Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, J.J, Chris..." Before the rest of the date card is even read, the rest of the guys congratulate Cody.

Back on the canal, Nick continues to bore me. I've never seen what she sees in him, whatever it is. I haven't heard him say anything to her, but evidently he quickly smoothed out any ripples from last week. WHAT?

The evening portion of the date has them dressed for a formal dinner. Andi thinks Nick looks like a prince in his tuxedo. She is eager to get questions answered after last week. She brings up last week. Given the drama, Andi tells him she wants a guy that is liked by others, not in conflict. Nick tries to defend himself against Cody. Andi asks if he thinks he's a "front runner." He doesn't like the word, but he doesn't deny it either.

Then he mumbles and rambles on about falling in love. She's surprised by Nick's honesty which earns him a rose.

BOOOO!!! HISS!  The night continues with a masquerade dance.

The next morning, Andi gets her third note from her secret admirer. I don't recall her second one. It must not have been worth remembering.

It's time for the group date. She believes they are an honest bunch, so she puts them on the spot with a lie detector. 

The walk into what looks like a torture chamber. When she tells them a lie detector is ahead, Josh may look the most ready to mess his pants. Andi says that she will go first.

Is Italy your favorite country in the world? Yes.
Do you think all of guys are here for the right reasons? Yes.
Are you falling in love? Yes.
Do you think your husband is one of the remaining guys? Yes.

Does anyone remember the lie detector on some other program? What was it, Meet My Folks? Ok, sorry, back to this...

By the way what seems like typos in the questions area actually how they were asked in choppy English with an Italian accent.

Josh is up next. He's very uneasy about this.
Is your name Josh? Yes.
Have you ever cheated on a test? Yes.
Are you here for a right reason? Yes. (Seemed a little hesitant.)

Are you ready for marriage? Yes.

Do you prefer blondes to brunettes? No.

Are you here for right reasons? Yes.

Do you believe you can fall in love with Andi? Yes.

Are you ready for marriage? Yes.

Do you want kids? Yes. (Though the answer seems delayed.)

Are you good in bed? Yes.

Have you slept with over 20 women? Yes. (After taking a minute to count.)
Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? No. (Dramatic music and me going ew ew ew.)

Let me just say right here that I had been thinking he might be the most attractive guy, but after these two answers I'm completely grossed out. He doesn't think he's going to make it through the rest of the day. Dylan takes her off to talk to her as sick as he is at this moment. He's sick to his stomach and tells her he needs to go back to the hotel.

Have you lied to Andi? No.
Are you here for right reasons? Yes.
Are you Andi's secret admirer? Yes.

Now we hear his confession about writing these notes for the last three weeks. He wanted to tell her in a romantic situation. If she is going to find out the results of the test, Chris wants to tell her now though it ruins what he wanted to do. Will he have to tell in front of everyone?

The results are in...

Three men told no lies. One man told two lies. Two men told three lies. Then, she gets the envelope with results.

Then, the guys get the news that Andi told two lies. They find that funny, but get her results. Josh says he doesn't need her results. Brian opens up the envelope -- the lies are her favorite country and whether or not she really thinks the guys are there for the right reasons.

Andi asks who is nervous about their results. Part of her wants to look (what's the point if you don't look?), but on the flip side, the guys will know she trusts them to be honest if she doesn't look at all. Disappointingly, at least to me (and to most viewers, I am sure), she tears up the package.

Josh is pleased with this.

Back at the spa, Cody and Nick are not speaking to each other while sitting in a sauna.

Andi takes the five guys to a castle, and hopes that by ripping up the results she'll get some confessions.

Brian takes her off, tells her to put a hand on his heart, and try this lie detector thing again, for fun.

Is your name Brian? Yes.
Have you ever lied to a girlfriend? No. No.
Have you ever told a girl she looked good when she didn't? Yes.
So, have you ever lied to a girl? Yes. #busted

Is your name Andi? Yes.
Have you ever been in love? Yes.
Do you want to make out? No. "YOU'RE LYING!" Brian surmises.

Back with the group, the guys start asking who the secret admirer is. Josh makes Chris feel uneasy. J.J. just seems awkward.

Marcus says that he is surprised she ripped it up. Did she regret it? Yes and no. Marcus admits he was unsure of the process and almost ready to leave before his one-on-one date. After admitting to it being hard for him to be open they have a bigger make out session than she and Brian had.

Sitting among all the guys, J.J. says he probably lied about his sex life and being good. Josh goes off with Andi next and owns up to his angst about the lie detector test and how he was glad she ripped it up. Andi doesn't understand why he is mad about the test while the others seem to be laughing it off. Now, she wonders what Josh had to hide and wishes she read the results.

Chris takes his opportunity to reveal that he is the secret admirer. She knows before he tells her that he is the secret admirer. She likes that he has a sentimental side and that he can share his feelings. He ends up getting the group date rose.

Josh is livid. J.J. is jealous and calls on the guys on congratulating each other on getting roses. He and Chris kind of get into it. But, moving on...

The next day, it's Cody's day, after 6 weeks. 

What Andi has to say about him is to compliment his awesome green eyes. She admits their romance has been lacking. I'm surprised he has stuck around this long.

Their date is in Verona... home to Romeo and Juliet. They sit down to read letters at the Juliet Club where people write in questions about love. The club answers all the letters about love. Cody actually gives some sound advice in a thoughtfully written letter.

At dinner, Cody wants to share a letter that he wrote. He writes to Juliet, explaining how he first saw Andi on TV and how now he is on his first date with her. It's really quite sweet, and I usually gag at that kind of thing. He wants to hug her, kiss her, roll around with her. HUH? He tells her he wants to take her home to meet his family. He is so smitten, but as Cody talks, she goes from smiling to crying. She stops him before he can go further. At this point Andi only sees friendship, not romance. She just doesn't feel like it is there, and she can't wait to hurt him later because she respects him too much. Andi tells him the right thing to do is to cut him loose.

He holds it together until he gets in the car. I know it hurts when something is one sided.

The guys aren't exactly celebrating when the bellman comes up to get Cody's suitcase either.

Now, we've come to the point in the show where it is time for the cocktail party for the seven remaining men.

The guys complain that Nick quickly swoops in for time with Andi given that he already has a rose. He starts making out with her right away. She calls that manly. He seems like a sissy boy to me.

The rest of the guys convince Dylan to break up their time right away. When Nick comes back in, the guys call him arrogant for what he did. Josh is turning more and more into the ego jock jerk. Meanwhile, we see bits and pieces of all the guys getting their time.

When Josh gets his turn, Andi tells him that she left their time together confused. The more they talk, the worse it seems to get.

When Andi talks to Chris Harrison, she says the week started great, but it wasn't a good week for her. Andi does share that Nick cannot talk in complete sentences when being transparent. Glad it wasn't just me zoning out.

Chris Harrison likes what Andi decided to do with ripping up the envelope. Then, she tells of how angry Josh got. They banter about how hard it is getting.

At last, we make it to the rose ceremony. Since Cody went home, there are only seven left and Nick and Chris have their roses. Only 4 of 5 left will get a rose.

  1. Dylan (if she only read the results...)
  2. Brian
  3. Marcus
  4. Josh
And there goes J.J. and his pants. And his bow tie. She's one of the guys that brought the most fun and laughter to her, but she just doesn't see a future. The guys remaining stare from the background as his car drives away. 

When Andi walks back in, the 6 surround her. She tells them next week they will head off to Brussels. 

I thought the clip that ran at the end was pretty funny. With the Italian accent, all the men thought one of the lie detector questions was, "have you ever farted in public?" They all said yes. However, the real question was, "have you ever FOUGHT in public?" The guys found the question much funnier than the guy administrating the test.