Which Bachelors have game?

I admit it. I'm doing this post on Tuesday, 24 hours after the fact, and just making it look like I did it when I was supposed to. Yeah, I'm OCD and just muttering on to myself. Ignore me for a moment.

After softball games, it was about 10:00 PM before I could sit down and watch tonight's episode of The Bachelorette. I tried doing it late last week and paid the price for it. I'm too old for that. And I just wasn't that motivated.

How many of the 13 remaining men will be around after tonight?

Tonight's exotic location? Connecticut.

Supposedly at this point there are a lot of guys she can see herself with it. There's some guys she's ready to get to talk to more.

The lobby of the hotel they are at is kind crazy. It looks like Tiffany glass tepees, and a Chihuly blown glass installation.

The first date card:

"Dylan... Our relationship is picking up steam."

The guys mob him with congrats, and I thought he might cry. For the most part, the guys think he will get a rose tonight if he opens up.  Andrew thinks he may blow it though. I can't stand Andrew. I keep getting his Facebook page coming up in my recommended pages list. Heck, no!

Dylan and Andi have the Essex Steam Train up the Connecticut River to themselves it seems. Dylan asks her ideal date, which she tries to tell him it is riding a train. He then awkwardly asks about previous relationships. He had an 8 year relationship that ended his final year of college. Yeah, that probably lasted too long. He mentions it coming along time of his brother's funeral, and then he gets really quiet.

Andi can feel that he has a story to tell, but it's a burden he hasn't been able to share yet.

We break this awkward silence to go to commercial, and come back with the reading of the next date card.

"Who's Got Game?" The card is for J.J., Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick, and Josh. 

At dinner, Dylan has a hard time to keep going. She starts off the conversation by asking if he expected to be on this date in what is basically his backyard. She really tries to pull out his story.

Four years ago, his sister died of a drug overdose. His brother and sister were close, and his brother turned to drugs after her death. After time in rehab, a couple of years later, Dylan lost his brother to drugs as well. Being back "home" on this date has been emotional for him. They share a tear-filled dinner talking, and he continues by saying it's tough to share and trust. There's no way she could not give him the rose at this point. His "Cloud 9" is rather subdued. Not sure if you can tell when he is happy.

The group date is a basketball date. 

They actually stay at the hotel where there is an arena. (Evidently, they are at the Mohegan Sun, home to the Connecticut Sun.) New England is birthplace of basketball, so of course, this makes perfect sense.  Brian, as a basketball coach, thinks he is in his element.

This is farmer boy Chris' first group date, so he's not sure what to think. He really doesn't know what to think when a handful of WNBA All-Stars come out. The guys get schooled. Royally.

What's kind of ironic about this at the moment is that Paige has decided she wants to play basketball in college (she'll have to put on height and weight for sure) and move to Connecticut. I'm already sad that she is going to leave me.

Instead of continuing to play against the women, they split into two teams. The winning team will go on a date with Andi. The losing team will go home.

Nick, Cody, Andrew, Eric, Marquel and Brian make up the Rosebuds (lame name). "Hussle and defense wins championships."

From gallery at http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelorette/photos/seasons/10/episode-1004/media/episode-1004-010

J.J., Josh, Chris, Patrick and Tasos are the other team, the Five of Hearts. Their plan is to get the ball out of Brian's hands.

They are all serious about their game. At halftime, they are tied at 6. The second half, the Rosebuds behind their stud coach, Brian, takes the game. As Marquel said, the other team has to go back home and eat cereal, or whatever it is losers eat.

Chris may cry over his loss. Josh is fired up. That's the pro athlete in him. The team in general... it's like the most depressing thing to ever happen to them.

Andi pulls Eric off first. She sees great potential with him, but thinks their relationship has stalled. Eric thinks their time together, after their first date, has been so formal, down to how they are sitting. She feels that all she knows about him is his job and travel. Andi gets him to talk about his family. He says he traveled around the country to see his whole family because he didn't know how long he'd have to see all of them (kind of ironic). Leaving Mormonism, he thought his family might have a big problem with him, but that all worked out. She feels better after they talk.

Back in the mega suite, the losers are still pouting about not getting their time. When we get back to Andi, she and Brian go out onto the basketball court. He helps her work on her shot. Scoring points is one thing, but he wants to score the kiss. He makes a half court shot and hopes that gets him some action. She already found him sexy, but found that really hot. She was ready to kiss him at that point, but he admits that she is bad at reading signs, and missed his opportunity.

Nick doesn't miss his shot. He gets his face sucking time in. He's such a dork. But, Andi is perhaps the most comfortable when she is with him.

Kiss or no kiss, Brian gets the date rose.

There must have been a bad editing job, or they just didn't show it, because I didn't see Marcus get his date card.

"The sky's the limit."

One theory was that that would fly to New York and something about the Empire State Building. In reality, they head to the roof to repel down the building. Both are scared of heights. This date sounds like torture. She wants to know why she planned this date. So am I. I'm not really scared of heights, but I am scared of repelling.

Marcus finds his nerve pretty quick and soon starts coaching Andi. He said he was going to hide his fear and be a man. She's practically hysterical.

Soon enough, the guys in the suite realize that they are repelling down the building, watching as they go.

Marcus asks Andi about her mom and take part in small talk to calm her down. She says her mom is nicer than she is, plays Majong and golf, though not very well. She calms down until she hears the guys beating on the window from the inside and giving them a hard time.

Later that night, sitting around talking, Marcus covers up the rose because it makes him nervous. Andi finds that cute. Andi later uncovers the "elephant in the room" to give him the date rose.

The date ends with a concert, of course, down in the casino. There's one concert per show, you know. It's a country singer I don't recognize, and I didn't back it up three times to figure out who Andi said it was.

Marcus says he's all in and falling in love. I think that's Bachelor language for I'm be really stalker creepy soon.

During the day, leading up to the rose ceremony, Andi's kicked back in her suite when she gets a special delivery. One of the creepy stalkers sends her anonymous love letter signed, "your secret admirer."

The cocktail party starts off very positive with Andi in a good mood. It doesn't take long though before it goes very bad.

Andi doesn't even finish her speech before Tasos jumps up to make sure he is the first to get his time in. Though we never see it, Tasos evidently does special things each time they meet up. Soon, Brian breaks in and takes her out to the basketball court again. In the dark, he takes her out to center court to get the kiss he missed his opportunity on. He's evidently a good kisser.

Marquel at least matches tonight, even though I don't like his bow tie. He always has the ability to make her laugh. He works for some wrestling federation and teaches her how to do the rare naked choke.

Eric is next up. He woke up feeling sick because at this pace they are going nowhere. He's been thinking since two nights ago. He thinks he has been open with her, and calls her on it. Eric feels that she hasn't been the real Andi with him. He's gotten glimpes, but he came to meet a real person, not a TV actress and thinks that she puts on her poker face. (Did he intend to get this reaction or did it backfire?) You have to see this...

He evidently likes the ticked off, angry Andi. She feels like he is insulting to her. Evidently, it backfired. 
And with that, we're down to 12. "Acting" = "It's ok" at this point.

She is on fire at this point. I'd be pretty ticked off too. She marches out for a moment after telling all the guys they can go on home if they aren't taking this seriously. Eric is shown walking out to a cab without his suitcase.

After a commercial break, Chris Harrison explains that they won't show the rose ceremony because that would be unimportant given what happened to him after the show. Not long after he left the show, he died in a paragliding accident.

I'm not sure that showing all of the dramatic exit was a great way to pay tribute to him.

Andi talks with Chris about what went wrong with Eric, and how sadly, that was their last conversation. They don't get to have laugh it off at After the Final Rose.

When Eric had his accident, they were taping hometown dates, and Andi had just had her last of the dates.

Chris sums up what happened that evening after Eric walked out. There was a rose ceremony where only one man went home: Tasos.

I don't know what is going on next Monday on the network, but the next episode is in two weeks. That must be why we got double episodes this week. 

Actually, I just looked it up, and there's an interview with Hilary Clinton airing next week. Wow. I think I'm going to miss that.