The Bachelorette has mussels in Brussels, and the guys gang up on Nick

This week's episode of The Bachelorette is the crucial week prior to hometown visits. Of the six men left, two men will go home crying that they will not be bringing Andi home to meet their families.

Andi and her men are now in Belgium, and the men are amazed at the latest hotel in Brussels they get to stay at. Again, I ask, other than the cast of The Shark Tank, who can afford to stay at these places?

Oh, how I love Andi reading the teleprompter facts about Belgium because outside of Europe, no one knows much of anything about Belgium, or many other places they visit. The guys do think Brussels may be the most beautiful place they've visited so far.

Prior to the date card arriving, my disdain for Nick continues to grow. He's such a snotty, egotistical thing. And I don't find him that attractive actually. He's not a very masculine guy, in my opinion. He wants a one-on-one, and he doesn't care that he had one last week and has spent more time with her than anyone else. Nick says this and we see his crazy eyes. I think he may a little off his rocker, or at least playing up the character.

Josh is growing more obnoxious by the day. Josh knows that Andi was not happy with him after the last group date. I think he would be a very possessive boyfriend/husband. If it weren't for the fact that I am grossed out by Dylan admitting on the lie detector about not washing his hands and his history with women, I'd send the two cocky guys home.

As the guys sit around the hotel room, at least three are wearing scarves. Wardrobe may have gone a bit overboard because they wear them in a very un-American way and like they are going to be willingly wearing them inside?

Chris Harrison arrives with the date card and gives it to Nick to read. "Marcus..." Before the card is even finished, we hear a bleep to cover what Josh has to say about the matter.

"Marcus - Let's get a taste of Brussels. < 3 Andi"

Insert disappointed faces of men and snide remarks from Nick about ending up with Andi.

Marcus is a little scared of the date because he revealed to Andi that he had thought about going home. Andi says that Marcus has stood out to him since the first night with his blue eyes (sigh - I'm a sucker for those too). However, his revelation concerns her some. He explains the reason why was that he was scared of falling for her so fast. Marcus wasn't prepared to have so many emotions.

They have mussels in Brussels. Then they pig out on ice cream, and stroll the streets exchanging smooches. After all the eating, they still have to have dinner. Andi wants to know more about Marcus before potentially meeting his family. How will it go? There's no rose at the end of the date for one-on-ones this week.

Marcus is a little scared to talk about his family due to some things that have happened. It's going to be hard for him to talk about it during this date. Andi asked where they would go next week if they were to go to his home town. They would go to his sister's house to meet Mom, sister, brother, niece and nephew.

His father doesn't play a big role in his family. His dad left his family, blaming his mom and Marcus. What kind of questions will mom ask Andi? They get into how rough Marcus' relationship was with a mom who grew up in an abusive household. They have a much better relationship now. He and his sister are close though. It's a pretty somber conversation, but what Andi was looking for him to be able to share.

Marcus hasn't ever felt this way about anyone before. The show does funny things to people.

Date card time! "Josh - Let's Ghent it on."

The guys are surprised that the group date will be the last date of the week. And Josh just had a one-on-one in France. That's quick to get another one-on-one. Chris is especially disappointed since he has had the longest gap between one-on-ones.

When Marcus gets back from his date, Nick takes it as a cue that Andi is back at the hotel. He's going to go hunt her down. When Nick arrives at the front desk, he claims to have lost his room key and forgot the number. He says the room is under his wife's name, Andi Dorfman. He gets the room number and a key. SHAME ON THE FRONT DESK WOMAN!

He shows up at her door, and she's a bit shocked. She can't keep her jaw off the floor. I think he reads more into her reaction than might have been the case. Nick asks her to go on a walk. Andi admits this is a bit of breaking the rules, but at this point, go for it. He's so nervous. There's lots of staring at each other.

I really, really don't like him. Andi describes their relationship in one word: passion. It's evidently so very hot. Gag.

Nick is glad he put himself out there and took a risk. I wish they wouldn't show him talking to the camera. I think he's so very off balanced, especially when looking at him.

The next day, we find Andi and Josh in Ghent. Andi wants Josh to be more open like the rest of the guys are with their feelings. In that way, they are lagging a bit behind.

They explore the town, one of few cities to survive wars without mass destruction, so much of the city is original. The goose parade is interesting. A few man band leads geese through the street.

Josh admits it is hard to be vulnerable and open up, but he's ready for her to meet his family. He doesn't open up more than this right now. While Andi doesn't want to compare, she needs more. Mainly, she doesn't think Josh is ready to get married like other guys such as Nick and Marcus.

That night, Josh talks about how he doesn't like seeing her with other guys. He brings up his resentment for the lie detector because he feels like it is a lack of trust on her part. She wants to know if he's feeling anything for her.

They start talking about what might come up and what questions will be asked if she goes home with him. Finally, he admits that he is starting to fall in love with her. And the kiss parade continues. The date isn't over yet though. It's time for the private concert of the week with an unrecognizable talent. American Young?

The last date card... "Nick, Dylan, Brian, Chris - True love is sacred. < 3"

Nick expresses that after tomorrow he is so glad to never have to go on a group date again. In his opinion, they are the worst thing in the world. He's convinced he is going to be taking her home next week. No doubt in his mind. Have I mentioned how much I don't like him? I haven't seen the appeal ever.

The group date starts at the ruins of a historic castle. There will be one rose on this date.

They are going to explore the countryside via rail bike. It's like four bikes fused together with a cart in the middle and goes along a railroad track. Andi sits in the middle and a guy on each corner paddles along. The guys are easily worn out and are quickly huffing and puffing.

Nick points out that he is the only one of the four on this date who has had a second one-on-one. Rub it in. Ugh.

They then go to an active monastery. There is a rule of no kissing within the walls. I was considering the irony of going there before that statement was made. Already, the one rose is brought into the picture. It's the most important rose to date, she points out. It guarantees a hometown date, and whoever gets it will have extra time at the end of the date.

Andi takes Chris off first. They go into a pottery barn, and I'm sure there's going to be a Ghost moment. When will they start playing "Unchained Melody"? Oh, my love, my darling... I hunger for your touch. Alone. Lonely times... and time goes by. So slowly, and time can do so much...

We get a mere glimpse at her discussion with Dylan. Nick, in talking to Chris and Brian, focuses on strategy and annoys the other guys with his confidence.

Brian lays out his feelings for Andi, the first time to say he's falling in love to anyone ever. When he's back with the other guys, he expresses his angst about Nick.

When Nick gets his time with Andi, he tells her of his confidence. He talks about how he is sure he will marry her. (He absolutely believes he is the front runner.) Andi thinks he shows her, not just tells her, how she feels. They toy with the rule about no kissing and think about violating it.

It's time to hand out the rose. Andi starts off by explaining how important this rose is to her, the chance to see where a guy comes from and his family. She gives it to Nick, and I feel the disappointment of the other guys. Since she can't really tell the guys she loves them, Nick feels this is Andi saying it without saying it.

If I were one of the other guys, and I saw Andi's interest in Nick, I'd say, "she can have him if that's the kind of guy she wants." As the other three guys walk off, they pretty much say as much. I'm not a big Andi fan. They kind of deserve each other. I think Chris and Brian especially deserve better.

What's funny though is these three guys crammed in the back seat of a tiny car as they ride away.

For the sickening rest of the evening, we are witness to Andi pointing out to Nick how he got both the first impression and first hometown date rose. Ugh.

When the guys get back to the hotel, they all discuss how Nick is always into the strategy each week, knowing the show in and out. It sounds like someone on Survivor. The difference is, he would have been voted of the island by now.

I try not to hear them talk. Andi has a surprise to end the date. Thankfully, it's fireworks, not another private concert.

The guys have to quit talking about him when he comes in. The room goes completely silent except for Josh coughing and the sound of church bells in the background. I'd slap the smirk off of his face if I were one of the other guys.

Brian is the first to call him out and calling him cocky. Marcus tells him he plays with their heads. Chris asks him if he's playing the game or if he is there for Andi -- because to him it's always about strategy and what will happen next. Josh points out how everyone has an opinion about Nick that Andi doesn't see.

Nick claims it's about his relationship with Andi. He thinks he's good friends with all the guys. I think that's what he says anyway. If he did say that, he's delusional.

I believe each contestant needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before going on this show.

We finally come to the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Andi reveals that she could see going to the hometowns of Josh and Marcus who she had dates with earlier in the week. That leads one to believe that of Dylan, Chris, and Brian, two of those guys are going home. (Dylan sees it that way too.)

We see short glimpses of the various guys talking to Andi. Chris tries one more time to get time to emphasize his feelings. He wants to take her home to the middle of nowhere Northeast Iowa.

While Dylan is talking to Andi, we get shots of Nick lurking around. He's tired of seeing Andi with other guys, and even though he has a rose on his chest decides he's going to do something about it. He interrupts Andi's time with Brian. Andi told Nick that just put a target on his back. He whines about not being able to do anything right.

Chris makes another effort to take her outside and get a kiss in. The race is on to make an impression before her final choice.

Chris Harrison comes in to break up the party and get Andi ready for the rose ceremony.

It's the moment of truth...

She's only going to go home with a guy if she sees real potential. These three guys have the most potential.

  1. Josh
  2. Marcus
  3. Chris
I'm honestly not surprised that Dylan isn't going further. He's flown too far under the radar the whole time. Brian is just a down to earth, nice guy. They never finish first on the show. 

Andi sheds tears as Dylan walks away. He does too. It just takes him a while to open up, he tells the camera.

Brian is the sad departure to me. She turns her back to the men and sheds a tear there too. We see Nick in the background in a creepy way. 

Next week should be interesting!