A large chunk of the class left this morning for Camp Ida, so I had a small class.

HOWEVER, with the smaller class, the quietest child came out of her shell and actually talked to us today and added some sass. I loved it! It was greatness. At the end, they ran around the room waiting for the bell like the boys would. I don't know what got into them.

One of the other girls had requested this song last week, and they did a super job, especially with just the three of them. Love them learning and loving new songs. If not new songs, at least ones they don't get the chance to sing often.

Tomorrow night is supposed to be a blog on The Bachelorette. There was nothing new to blog about on "The Journey so Far," if you wasted any time watching it. Just a warning that next week's post will be delayed since I'll be busy at the International Christian Retail Show.

Hopefully, I won't need to devote a post to tomorrow's experience at jury duty. Yes, I got another summons though for a different court. Amy, my boss, asked if those weren't supposed to come seven years apart. I don't recall how many summons I have gotten in the past 7 years from different courts -- municipal, Justice of the Peace, county court of law and district.

All I know is that showing my airline ticket for Friday better get me excused quickly. I have too much to do to be there all day for jury selection for a case that could extend for who knows how long.