Our Urban Goose Chase

Our Girls Night Out Group is always looking for a new adventure. 

Several weeks ago, I got a Groupon notice for an Urban Goose Chase. Although one of our core group of five was going to Disney World, the rest of us were in, so I signed up for a deal!

Until Rakia realized it was the weekend she was moving. And Jenny got pushed into working with just a few days notice.

Angie and I really didn't want to have to be a two person team, after all, it was meant to be a group activity! Thankfully, Angie's neighbor Melinda was on board as well as Melinda's step-mom Angela.

The premise for the Urban Goose Chase is this: during a three hour block, your team is supposed to complete as many tasks as possible from an app on your phone. During the task, your team takes a picture and each task is worth so many points. Everyone wears orange so you can spot other teams.

At the end of the three hours, the team with the most points gets a cash prize.

Here's what I learned about our team:

  1. We took the instructions too literal.
  2. We aren't competitive enough by nature.
  3. We should have walked everywhere instead of taking chunks of time trying to find an available parking space in a couple of places.
  4. We should have had lunch first because by 3:15 we were so over it. This is especially true when we saw how far down the rankings (for all these other reasons) we were coupled with how hungry we were. 
It was fun. We enjoyed ourselves. However, if we do it again, we're going to have to play for blood.

Oh, and we are still bummed we just missed the QuinceaƱera down the block. We could have gotten some great items checked off of our list.

Sound like fun to you? Visit www.urbangoosechase.com to see when there is an event in your area!

Some pictures of our adventure...

These are actually in reverse order (stupid computer!) and I took two pictures after we officially gave up.

A payphone! Do you know how hard it is to find one these days? That's probably why it was a challenge.

A stranger tattooed over 50% of his/her body.

Convince someone you are a palm reader.

Share a picture of what you consider a Dallas landmark via social media and tag #urbangoosechase.

Do a Scottish Highland Dance on the Grassy Knoll.

Take a picture with this sculpture from the Nasher Sculpture Garden making sure to not show the obvious missing part. None of us had great balance.

A toilet paper wedding dress. Ain't nobody got time for that. This was in the restroom of the Dallas Museum of Art.

Balancing on one leg on an odd object.

A yoga pose with a stranger

Making a wish at a fountain.

A high five tunnel including four strangers.

Writing a motivational phrase on the sidewalk (with a rock... we didn't have chalk).

Massaging a stranger in an uncomfortable place. Angie is a massage therapist.

Launching a "boat."

Rolling down a hill.