When your Thanksgiving vacation isn't restful

I sure have been looking forward to this break here at Thanksgiving. Given how late I have been up trying to finish off crafts, I could have used the rest.

However, on Wednesday, I cooked most of the day after gluing a few projects and finishing some things that night.

Thursday, I wanted to crochet more items for the sell, but didn't get too much done. I did go to Office Depot when they opened at 6 PM and bought a laptop which has been my plan ever since the one I bought 2 years ago on Black Friday died a few months ago. We drove by Walmart right at 6, and there was not a parking place to be found, literally. People were parking in all nearby parking lots. I did not get my Door Buster yarn because nothing is worth the mess of all those people at Walmart.

Friday, I tried to crochet all day, but kept getting distracted.

This morning, I got up after about 5 hours sleep to set up for a show that did worse than the last one. (I had to sign-up for another one next weekend to try to clear out more merchandise.)

Right now, I am typing on my new laptop which I just now turned on.

Tomorrow, I need to get my Christmas tree up, and since Thanksgiving fell so late in the month, I may leave it up until New Year's this year in order to have it up for a full month. It's not worth all the effort if it isn't up a month, in my opinion. 

I'm about to log off and go to bed. Not quite as early as I did two weeks ago when I got 11 hours of sleep after a show, but I may get 10. I really miss my sleep and Sunday naps. I have even given up my naps to paint. I've been dedicated, I tell you!