There's something about Nick #thebachelorette

Here I am again tonight not starting this watching and blogging until 10:00 PM. Peyton had a softball game tonight at 6:00, and I should have been back home and blogging by around 8:00, but spent an hour or so trying to convince a virtual stranger to walk away from a toxic situation rather than be a doormat.

No matter how old and mature we get, we all just want love and acceptance, at the very least, friendship and validation.

And sometimes, we do stupid things and hang around people that bring us down and treat us like a doormat.

Oh, I can say I've been there and done that. However, I've learned from it, and hope to be smarter than to find myself in the same situation again.

What can you do?

Come home and watch 15 men act like idiots to win the love and affection of a woman.

So, here we go. Like an idiot, I'll be sitting her blogging until midnight.

Tonight, we pick up where we left off last Monday night. Kaitlyn is hunting down Clint to give him what for because all the guys have told her what a phony he is.

Of course, while she is looking for him, he's bragging to all the guys about how everything is all good between them after they talked. The guys know it's all going down as Kaitlyn asks Clint if they can talk.

She starts off by laying into him about how they went on the first one-on-one date, then he acts like he does. Clint tries to defend himself by telling how all the other guys are jealous and see him as a threat because he and JJ have become best, best, best, best friends (I think that is how many bests he said). She interrupts him saying that this has nothing to do with JJ. He seems clueless while she is borderline hysterical. He gives some sob story about how he's never said anything bad about any of the guys.

For a minute, I thought she was going to change her mind, but Kaitlyn decides her gut is saying that the isn't her husband and that she needs to send him home.

Back in the room, JJ tells the men that regardless of what happens, he and Clint are probably going to be friends. When Kaitlyn comes back in with Clint and tells them she is sending Clint home, JJ demands and apology from Clint for all the emotional turmoil.

As the other guys explain it, Clint was said before, but was sadder when his man called him out. I cannot tell you how I wish she would have just sent JJ packing alongside Clint.

As Clint goes to leave, JJ tries to apologize to Clint for possibly saying something rash. The next thing I know there's lots of bleeping out between the two of them. I'm not exactly sure what's being said. JJ then locks himself in the bathroom. When he comes out, he can't even speak to the camera for an interview because he is bawling. Back in the house everyone else is laughing.

JJ then slaps himself really hard and tells himself to suck it up. Let me tell you, that had to hurt.

When JJ comes back in, all the men jump JJ for throwing his friend under the bus. At least all the guys agree on something. When Chris Harrison comes in to ring the bell for the rose ceremony, Kaitlyn is undecided thanks to all the drama.

Kaitlyn and Harrison have a little chit chat, and she feels good about the guys there, so she's not going to do a rose ceremony. Tony and Clint left, so at least we've shaved the numbers down a little bit.

Since there wasn't enough drama, Chris tells all the men they are packing up and leaving the mansion forever. The first stop will be New York.

Everyone flies out, and the men settle into the Knickerbocker Hotel. Come nightfall, the first date card arrives.

"Johnathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, Shawn... Let's keep our love fresh."

JJ's face shows annoyance. On camera, he says all things given, he's really glad to be on a group date.

Kaitlyn is just glad to be off to a fresh start in New York. Fresh. Word of the day.

The guys arrive at an empty club, and the men are introduced to Doug E Fresh because Kaitlyn loves rap. #Random

The rest of the guys try to act like they know what's going on, but Jonathan is the one that knows how to get down. All the men will be taking part in a rap battle which involves trash talking.

It's a good thing Tony isn't here for this. He would not approve of any battle.

Fresh offers the guys a chance to pick who they want to go up against first.

Shawn vs. Justin. Cuz Shawn called Justin's hair the style of 1994.

Corey vs. JJ. Corey doesn't get why no one else jumped on picking JJ, the easiest person to diss on.

Ben Z. vs Tanner.

Johnathan vs. Ryan. 

If Kaitlyn ever tries to rhyme two words together again, it will be too soon. It was terrible.

Each man is advised by Doug E Fresh on how to battle.

After a while, we are subject to pathetic attempts at rap. Before he goes on, we hear JJ confess that he is in to Broadway show tunes and has never listened to rap in his life. Given the Clint situation, we don't need to comment more on that.

In the audience, we are given a glimpse at Psycho Nick from Andi's season.

Ben Z. vs. Tanner... lots of size references.

Johnathan outdoes Ryan by just a little.

Corey most definitely out raps JJ, complete with talking about his boyfriend Clint.

Shawn wasn't good. Justin wasn't great, but was funny comparing he and Shawn to Ryan Gosling and Matt Damon. Yeah, like Matt Damon's hair in Good Will Hunting.

Kaitlyn sees Ash Kardash in the audience and gives her a hug. Then, she goes goo-goo gah-gah over Nick being there who she started a friendship with on social media. He tells her he really wanted a chance to get to know her or he would kick himself about it later.

Kaitlyn wants to know if Nick is staying, but he tells her it's her call, not his. She needs to think for a minute. She wants to let him in, but doesn't know four weeks in if it is fair to the other guys.

I'm sure the men are wondering where she is and what she is doing since she's off with Nick. Finally, the guys walk up to the boat where the rest of the date/cocktail party is supposed to take place.

The men can tell something isn't quite right. She explains to all of them what happened and how she's contemplating bring someone else on. The guys shake their heads as they find out who it is. They question her about whether or not she feels confident with the guys there.

Shawn and Johnathan are most vocal to Kaitlyn about disapproving. She walks out to have a moment. Of course, Nick is out there. And of course, they play kissy face because she's an equal opportunity kisser.

"WHY NOW?" If it had been earlier in the game, she wouldn't have had a question. She wants to sleep on it before making a decision.

Tanner thinks Nick is pretty lousy for the way he called Andi out what she did in the fantasy suites on the After the Rose show. He thinks that anyone should think poorly of a guy who does that.

Back at the hotel, the other guys are sitting around when there is a knock on the door. I just knew it was going to be Nick coming in, but there is a date card.

Jared, let's re-imagine the night we first met. 

Jared tries to play it cool, then head's off for bed so he can be ready for tomorrow.

On the boat, Kaitlyn finally rejoins the men. Justin says he doesn't feel threatened and one more man doesn't make a difference - bring on someone else.

Kaitlyn apologizes for the drama once again, and decides she needs to give someone the date rose, and gives it to Justin. For what reason, no one knows.

When the group of 8 return to the hotel, they tell the rest of the guys about Nick and the possibility of him coming on board.

The next morning, Kaitlyn calls Nick. Nick tells her that he couldn't sleep. She doesn't want to talk to him more on the phone. She wants to talk to him in person, so invites him to the appointment she has to get her hair done to get ready for her date that night.

Kaitlyn wants to talk to someone, so she goes to the salon where KRAZY Ashley works to have her hair done. Ashley's hair is super cute. She actually is a voice of reason. Maybe it's because she hasn't drunk herself in to an onion vs. pomegranate stupor.

I'm not impressed by Kaitlyn's hair after she leaves though. It's in a side braid. She's going to respect the guys, but she doesn't want to lose the chance. Will she? Won't she? She does. She is way too goo-goo, gah-gah for him. I don't know why.

He's joining onto the show, but she doesn't want him moving in with the guys yet. Nick just hopes they respect that he's there, even if they don't like it. Yeah, right.

I do not see the appeal of this guy. Never did like him. Never will. WHY?

Finally, it's time for Jared to have his one-on-one date, but Kaitlyn isn't into it from the start. Jarend is all gung-ho and arrives in a tux at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's a little Night at the Museum.

Kaitlyn's mind is on one thing. She tries to ask Jared how the guys are, how they are doing. Much to his credit, Jared tries to change the subject. He doesn't want to talk about Nick, but wants to assure her that he is interested.

Back at the hotel, the guys are still obsessed with talk of Nick. Of course. Yawn, and not because it is 11:42 for me right now.

Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, Ben H. Let's play!

I am pretty sure that is everyone and no one goes without a date this week. Joshua is tired of talking about Nick, and tells everyone they need to move on.

Back to Jared's date again. Kaitlyn does think that every moment with Jared gets better. He reads her a little poem that was 100 times better than the raps, as corny as it was. He does earn himself the date rose.

Jared got her on the right track. There's a note offering a limo out front so that the night didn't have to end. The limo takes them to a helicopter where they hover at the Statue of Liberty and around the skyscrapers of NYC.

The next morning, even after a fantastic date with Jared, Kaitlyn is still whining and obsessing over Nick. Nick. Nick. Nick, enough of Nick already!

She doesn't want to take Nick on a date this week, but she breaks the news that he is moving in tonight. One of the guys clarifies that Nick will be a part of the rose ceremony. Of course, the whole room is deflated.

With a big cloud over the room, she leaves the men, and the second group of men follow soon after for their date. Their date will consist of practicing a their singing and dancing skills for the stage production of Aladdin. 

Whoever proves himself worthy will get one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. Some of the guys are as uncoordinated as I am.

Each man takes his turn singing "A Whole New World" with Kaitlyn. I insert here that I think Ryan is a cocky jerk. Just the look on his face at any given time.

I must be tone deaf. The men think Ian can sing. I'm unimpressed.

Chris over acts.

However, the actual cast and producers get to chose who performs on stage with Kaitlyn and get the rest of the date. However, the over acting gets Chris a position on stage.

Joshua wishes he had a hay bale to punch to work out his frustration.

Back at the hotel, the others anticipate the arrival of Nick. Tanner sure does know a lot about him, including that supposedly he was dating Andi since her break-up with Josh.

Chris and Kaitlyn may miss their part on the stage due to making out backstage. Oh, they actually make their cue! Thankfully they don't even have speaking parts. They sure don't sing or dance which is great for the audience.

Chris' date is continuing on. They climb up a staircase that ends up on the roof where the Times Square ball that drops on NYE is kept, and he is given his date rose.

I'm ready to go to sleep as the guys still whine about Nick, and Nick makes his way up the block to the hotel. We watch an awkward ride up the elevator as he joins the rest of the men. 

Once again we are deprived of a rose ceremony. There needs to be a rose ceremony at the end of every show!

In other news, Britt and Brady have been together for a few weeks. Good for them, I guess.