These guys on #TheBachelorette have lots of major issues

My friends had a t-shirt made for me once that said, "I have lots of major issues." Nice friends, huh? Well, any guy on The Bachelorette this season could wear that shirt.

I am oh, so very thankful to be live blogging tonight instead of starting my watching experience at 10 PM. I was exhausted the next days after doing that. I'm too old to start 3 hours later. Of course, that really odd conversation I had last week after the softball game sucked it out of me too. (You'll have to look back at that post for a reminder.)

Tonight's episode picks up with Nick coming out of the elevator and walking in the door to the men's suite. It's a very quiet room when he says, "what's up guys?" other than a couple of people being cordial. Someone asks him what he's doing here - truest intentions - fame or love? Why now?

The guys don't even try to fake it. Tanner quizzes him, especially after being spotted with Andi recently. Joshua jumps in on Nick's calling her a "cool chick" vs. a wonderful woman and tells Nick he has already had his season.

Nick says he hates all the group dates and rose ceremonies, but hope they all respect why he's there. Any dad or big brother on any season has nothing on these guys grilling Nick. Shawn resents someone she's talked to before showing his face. He's confessed his feelings, now he is putting his walls back up.

Needless to say, they are all wound up.

All the men get dressed up and head out to the cocktail party. The party is held at Citi Field, home of the Mets. All of the men are so in awe of the stadium, they at least have a distraction when Kaitlyn isn't around.

Kaitlyn is anxious to see how the men react since it's the first time for her to be around them and Nick together. She examined each relationship before allowing Nick to join them, but she had to follow her heart.

The first man to jump in is JJ, who asks her if she would like to tour the field. This is his childhood dream. He carries her around the bases which is pretty awkward. His pants are too short.

When Tanner has his turn to talk, he spills it to Kaitlyn about how he grilled Nick and how he had no real answers for his questions. Kaitlyn looked annoyed at the discussion.

Joshua shares his thoughts too. They aren't the only ones to question her.

Shawn won't even acknowledge Nick's name. He tells her the walls are going back up because to let someone else in makes him question connections. He puts his foot in his mouth saying that he hoped she were "smarter" than to let this jerk in. He realizes that wasn't a good way to put it and tries to work his way around it. This really upsets her.

Kaitlyn really likes Nick, but she's questioning her choices now.

At the end of the evening, the men file out the infield as Kaitlyn takes her place on the mound.

Fifteen guys remain. Justin, Jared, and Chris all have roses from the dates on last week's show.
  1. Ben H
  2. Ben Z
  3. Shawn
  4. Tanner
  5. Joe
  6. Ian
  7. JJ
  8. Joshua
  9. Nick
There is smoke coming out of the ears of some of the men. Shawn is visibly biting his tongue.

Going home is Ryan, Johnathan, and Corey. Johnathan can go home to his son. Ryan's hair was getting on my nerves. I really didn't have an opinion of Corey.

After freezing on the field in New York, they are headed to San Antonio where it is warmer.

They arrive in San Antonio, and some of of them are excited to see Texas for the first time. They should have gotten here sooner.

The date card is slid under the door. "Ben H, let's take our love one step at a time."

They head out to an old pick-up truck. She'll probably wreck it. Joshua is jealous of the Ford truck.

For those left behind, they sit around and internally question Nick's attentions. It's pretty quiet when Nick's around. 

Ben H and Kaitlyn head out to Gruene. Of course, they are going to the oldest dance hall in Texas because it's all that's there. Good job on the show coaching them that it is pronounced "Green."

They are going to be taking part in a two-step contest, so they have to have lessons first. I have no coordination, but I don't think two stepping is that difficult. I mean, it's two steps. It's not easy for Ben though.

There is a serious crowd with serious judges. They go outside to practice. Gotta be good for the chemistry, right?

When it comes time to hit the floor, he does do better. They make it through round one. As she two-steps forward, she feels her relationship with Ben is progressing too. During round two, they get dismissed from the competition. They aren't terribly disappointed.

Side note: I am going to have to miss being cast in the next season of The Bachelor. They are having auditions in my area at the end of the month, but I'll be on a business trip. This is uber disappointing.

While the men are sitting around waiting for the date card, Nick tells them all that it will be a very telling card for the remaining men. After all, you never know what will happen. 

The card reads: Justin, Jared, Ian, Chris, Tanner, Joe, JJ, Ben Z, Joshua, Nick. "I love a man in uniform."

Nick is smug. Shawn is about to explode in excitement as names are read, he knows he is the one getting the one-on-one date. He better watch his step because that's the "you may get sent home" date.

Back to Ben H's date... They are on the roof of some building on the Riverwalk. She doesn't want to dwell on past relationships, but she feels that talking about them is a way to get to know a person. He doesn't really want to talk about it, but it was a long-distance relationship that didn't work out. Ben says it's tough to talk about meaning that it's being open faster than what he is comfortable with normally.

He does talk about how things ended and for what reasons on her side which was very hurtful. I'm not sure what was so embarrassing because he acted like it was going to be embarrassing.

She does hear what she wanted to hear, and he gets his rose. He feels like he was able to really let her in. 

The next day...

The men head down to a restaurant on the Riverwalk. They men have to write Mariachi songs. It's embarrassing.

Side note: I'm trying to figure out if this is the place where I ate the most wonderful hamburger with guacamole. It sure was good.

Anyway, the young teen Mariachi singer challenges the men to their song. Raps. Jokes. Mariachi songs. They are really original with their ideas this season. It isn't So You Think You Can Write.

In a hilarious moment, the men come out dressed in the most authentic mariachi costumes ever. So embarrassing. What's worse is the men start singing. All I can think about is that a friend once said every song in Spanish has the word corazon (heart) in it.

Kaitlyn is at least entertained and thought Justin had a good voice.

JJ tries playing the guitar while making a fool of himself. He can't play and sing at the same time.

Jared at least has a good time.

Joe asks, "will you mariachi me?"

Ian is ready to redeem himself he says. From what, I'm not sure, but I don't think he pulls it off. He knows it.

Joshua stumbles through. I find him very attractive.

When Nick's turn comes around, he takes Kaitlyn up on the balcony to make a scene. He then gets up there and makes shots at the men and rubs in the fact he is there a bit. Kaitlyn's a little worried about him making enemies with the group since he can come off cocky. No joke.

Though he is definitely one of the loudest about it, Nick thinks it's only Josh that has a problem with him. I like Josh, as I just said about three sentences ago. I wish he would punch Nick.

Joshua takes Kaitlyn off first. He asks, "aren't you a barber?" She's like, "well yeah..." He puts on a blindfold and lets her cut his hair. It's dark and she takes a chunk out of his hair. So much for the mohawk. The razor dies and it was dark outside. It was pretty bad. Like really bad. It takes their minds off of Nick for a while. They get an awesome laugh out of it.

Nick isn't willing to let Kaitlyn cut his hair. He doesn't know how that will advance his relationship. Instead, they go have a makeout session out back. Kiss up Nick tells Kaitlyn she does have a great group of guys. He says they haven't been mean to his face, but there is a couple of guys you can tell don't like him. Tattle tale.

When he comes back, everyone gets quiet again. JJ thinks Joshua is a bomb waiting to explode, and the haircut didn't help. Joshua tells Nick he doesn't trust him. Nick says he doesn't need to be trusted.

Josh wanders outside and gets more time with Kaitlyn and this time, he speaks his mind. Josh tells Kaitlyn that he has this male intuition (guys have that?) about Nick and feels that Nick is rubbing the fact that he has been through this before in his face. Joshua says that NO ONE likes Nick. Kailyn asks, "no one? So everyone is lying to my face?"

This upsets her because no one likes the guy she likes. Wah, wah, wah. Was everyone supposed to be honest about not liking Nick? Just makes you look bad.

When he comes back, Josh says he was doing an interview when all the guys knew he was Kaitlyn. Now they don't like being lied to.

Kaitlyn comes in and asks them if they are all being honest about all that is going down. They all say, "yeah."

"Joshua, do you think the room is being honest?"

"I'd like to think so."

"Joshua, you just told me no one was being honest with me."

On. The. Spot.

Joshua comes clean that he had been talking to Kaitlyn about what they had all talked about earlier.

Kaitlyn tries to explain that bringing Nick on had nothing to do with any of them. She thought it was a non-issue now.

No one comes to Joshua's defense. Jared says that Nick being there doesn't effect him. Ben Z agrees, and Joshua kind of jumps his case. The men then call Joshua on the fact he lied about where he had been.

Kaitlyn is frustrated with them now. She picks up the rose on the table and decides to give it to Nick for putting himself out there. Gag. Ack. Ugh.

Poor hung out to dry Joshua. Talk about regrets. JJ and Justin are anti-Joshua now.

Finally, that night is over, and the only guy that would have come to Joshua's defense gets his date --- Shawn.

The two get to kayak down the river. Kaitlyn is giddy attracted to Shawn. When the boats need back through to give Riverwalk tours. They picnic at the ampitheater, and Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he felt sorry for Joshua this morning and feels that some of the guys should have spoken up for him. That's as deep as we see him going on the Nick topic for now.

That night it's time for him to let down his guard around the campfire. He tells his dramatic story of being in a car accident where the car flipped like 7 times and he thought he was dying. He was in the hospital for a few months. Cops came to his hospital bed saying they had never seen someone survive a wreck like that.

Shawn says that he is falling in love with her which seals his position on the top of her list for now. He gets his rose. Their date ends in a little boat with fireworks gong off overhead.

Meanwhile, back in the room, Ian feels unnoticed. And plenty of girls like him. He's a Princeton grad, former model (until his hair receded too much), a survivor... He thinks he would be better as The Bachelor. Ego much? He's going to take his last stand here at the Alamo. He's going to make his feelings known. I have a feeling he is going to "Remember the Alamo" for all the wrong reasons.

With only 8 minutes left, the cocktail party is starting, but I doubt we get a second rose ceremony tonight.

Kaitlyn starts the cocktail party by saying she's all about the honesty and the other night is still not setting right with her.

Some people don't think she can handle the truth... Like Ian who's last girlfriend was hotter.

Kaitlyn takes Jared off to her suite to get some honesty. They agree that she can trust him. Yawn. He thinks he's falling in love with her. Kiss. Go into her bedroom where roses cover the bed.

Ian is getting wound up to get his time with her. He's a self proclaimed enigma. He doesn't find Kaitlyn interesting. He's not here to have fun.

Ian tells Kaitlyn that everyone is acting like they are just hear on a vacation from life. He's here for love, and he's not here for the surface level stuff like she is. He expected to find a heartbroken woman here, but found a girl here to make out and kiss everyone. The fact that she brought Nick in just made him question here. It ends there with the words, "to be continued."

Alright, now I have to go paint words on Christmas trees. Because that's what a single girl does when she needs to get ready for a "Christmas in July" craft show coming up in less than 5 weeks.