Who cries the ugliest on #thebachelorette?

We start off tonight with Shawn in Kaitlyn's room to confront her since his jealousy is raging. And I do mean raging. After all, he spent a whole night with her talking back on his one-on-one date.

So, Shawn wants to know if she is in love with him. She says, "I'm falling in love with you? What happened that made you feel like this?"

He explains that as well as he thought it was going, she of course goes on other dates and it's hard. Kaitlyn tells him he has to decide if he can do this. She's not sure if Shawn knows what went down with her and Nick.

She doesn't feel guilty for being intimate with Nick, her guilt comes from where she is in other relationships and doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Kaitlyn is a total wreck in the interviews with just her in front of the camera. She supposedly doesn't want to hurt anyone who has put so much into this.

After a commercial break, Kaitlyn is still broken up, but tells viewers that the group date went so well, then Shawn came by. She's unsure if Shawn is it if he isn't sure he can be there. Does she realize Nick is the reason why Shawn is unsure.

All the rest of the guys thinks Shawn's too much given his jealousy.

However, she's going to deal with her feelings towards Shawn later. For now, she has to get ready for a two-on-one date. Kaitlyn finds JJ funny and edgy. Joe is unlike any guy she's ever been attracted to. He's sweet, hilarious, romantic, a real treat. Who will stay and who will go? I hope JJ goes.

Off they go on a boat to an island where they will have a "romantic" date for three. JJ toasts to really falling for Kaitlyn, like Joe isn't even there. Kaitlyn seems like she doesn't want to be there. Joe does take Kaitlyn off first.

Joe tells Kaitlyn that the group date in San Antonio was a turning point for him. He could tell something was happening. He's falling for her faster and harder than he has anyone before. He predictably says all the right things, including that he is falling in love with her.

When they come back, off she goes with JJ. He has to tell her the truth... he's going to humble himself and show the worst of himself. Three years ago, he cheated on his wife, a mistake that destroyed his life. Of course, he has to tell her this because she wants honesty. Although a guy cheating on her is her biggest fear, Kaitlyn thinks that means as much as it hurt him that he probably won't make the same mistake again.

After their chit chat, it's time for Kaitlyn to chose between the two. She tells the two of them that she is sick trying to decide. While she hasn't had a chance to really develop a relationship with Joe, she wants to JJ to have a chance to get back to his daughter since she's not really feeling it there later. However, Joe doesn't get the rose yet. She wants some more time to talk. Joe and Kaitlyn sail off into the sunset. Over dinner, Joe admits he's more nervous on the one-on-one date than the two-on-one.

Joe is able to take her mind off the Shawn situation that was weighing heavy on her mind.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Shawn is off in the shadows going off the deep end. 

Joe tells her he understands it's hard for her. Kaitlyn's glad because some guys don't get that. We go back and forth between shots of Joe kissing Kaitlyn and Shawn wishing she hadn't told him how she felt. Shawn can't handle hearing about Joe's date after he comes back with his rose.

Shawn leaves the hotel room grasping his chest. He goes to her room AGAIN.

Kaitlyn is doing a camera interview when one of the producers tells her that he is on the way over. She doesn't seem to excited to talk to him again like this and breaks down crying again, sure that he knows what happens and is going to leave.

When Shawn gets there, Kaitlyn tells him he came to her on the most emotional day ever. He's freaking her out, and she says so. She is relieved that he just wants to talk about San Antonio, not Nick. He wants to tell her how hard it is to watch now that she's told him what she did and now she is dating these other guys. The more she reassures him, the harder it gets. "I don't think any of the other guys feel like I do." How does he know?

Kaitlyn tells him that it's going to get even harder with hometowns, etc.

The thing is, she's worried about how much he has to be reassured, and he doesn't even know about Nick.

What we learn as everyone is getting ready for the cocktail party is that Kaitlyn may have said something she didn't mean to Shawn when she went down to talk to the guys one night. She was trying to reassure Shawn, may have gone too far.

When she arrives at the cocktail party, she tells the guys it has been a tough week. Kaitlyn tells them that she has made some mistakes, but her heart is still open. Cupcake Chris says they have more questions than answers with her speech. They talk that over as Ben Z takes Kaitlyn off first. The guys are all questioning if it was them that made her nervous. Shawn is so egotistical he thinks it's all about him. It's also about Nick, you idiot.

Ben Z still thinks he has a chance, and tries to make his move on her. She wants to see who else is still all into this because she's reassured Shawn too much.

Ben H gets some time with her. She's still into him too. He wants to talk to her too. Ben H was there with Shawn when Kaitlyn sneaked down to talk to some of the guys in San Antonio. He knows something happened when he left the two together. He knows something happened with Shawn that night, and Ben wants to know he's not just spinning his wheels. Kaitlyn gets all emotional again. All she wanted to do is make a sweet gesture, and it's turned into a big mess.

At least Nick realizes the mistake talk might be about him. He sits down with Kaitlyn and wants to see if she is ok. She admits to being extremely nervous tonight. Kaitlyn tells Nick that their day and night was great. Their chemistry was great. However, she wants to make sure he isn't talking about how "romantic" their date got, that he doesn't get too detailed. He tells her he hasn't told the others how far it went, and if anyone says otherwise... Now, he gets teary eyed. He realizes he was the over-confident guy last time around and hopes that doesn't happen this time.

Shawn apologizes to Kaitlyn for making a hard week harder by getting in his own head. She tells Shawn that she shouldn't have come out and talked to them that night. She never should have reassured him and that it was unfair. Kaitlyn tells Shawn that they may need to step back.

I hate trying to blog on a business trip because I just had to make a business call. Katilyn talks to Chris Harrison before the rose ceremony where only there men will get roses. If you are like me and can't remember my name this week, much less who got roses last week, it was Nick and Jared. Joe just got one too.

Ben H. and Chris take the first two.

Will the last one go to Shawn, Ben Z. or Tanner?

She does give it to Shawn who is about to spazz out.

Ben Z is shaken up, not seeing the departure coming. He thought Kaitlyn was a woman he could have taken home to his mother.

So, this rose ceremony was in middle of the second hour, but still not back to the pattern it should be of end of show ceremony.

Now with six left, the next set of survivors will go on hometown dates. Five of the guys will have to take the bus. Kaitlyn takes Jared along with her in a car. 

While driving on the wrong side of the rode, she hits the curb at least twice. I probably would have too. On the bus, Shawn is SAWING a LOG. So loud. So very loud.

So... when they arrive in Killarny, Ireland, the two climb to the top of the castle to kiss the blarney stone for good luck. Kaitlyn is staying in a castle turned hotel and it's pretty elaborate. They have cocktails in her room. She feels that her relationship with Jared is getting better and better.

When the other guys arrive, Chris claims that this beautiful city is what his soul looks like.

Chris Harrison shows up, and it looks like he is going to shake things up. Chris asks if she is ready to meet four families. She first confesses the conversations that shouldn't have happened with Shawn, then says she regrets time with Nick.

Harrison says she needs some off camera time with the others too. He's going to switch up the schedule. She's going to cut the field to three, have the fantasy suite, exotic dates, then meet the families of the final two. He tells her needs to make things right with the guys.

The next morning, a knock on the door signals the arrival of Chris Harrison. While the guys are contemplating hometown dates, they are not ready for Harrison to tell them about the changes. He explains that there are three men who are going to get roses and get to go on overnights with her before she picks two for hometowns. He leaves a date card.

Chris... let's take our edge to the edge. 

Old Cupcake has been kind of flying under the radar. I'm thinking he doesn't make the cut. Previews show up doing a really ugly cry.

When he picks up Kaitlyn, Cupcake actually thinks he is going to have a chance. They go on a helicopter ride, which should expected, and they go to the Cliff of Moher. It's a much more beautiful and lush scene than last season when they did a helicopter ride over the brown Colorado River at the Grand Canyon.

While there will not be a rose on this date, the pressure is still on. Kaitlyn asks Chris about what their future may be like, and if he is stuck on being in Nashville. It's not long before Kaitlyn starts crying without anything really setting her off. She tells him he checks the boxes on her list, but she said she wouldn't lead anyone on. Kaitlyn doesn't know if she sees this going anywhere though there's nothing wrong with him in her mind. She's trying to not say bye to him, yet say bye to him. It goes south oh so very quickly. Though I saw a goodbye coming, I didn't see it coming that quick and without real warning.

She promptly leaves him and jumps on the helicopter. Chris isn't so sure she's really ready to find someone. He calls it... "she's a mess." Then, he breaks down into some of the worst man tears I've ever seen.

And with that... the show is over for the week. Next week, Kaitlyn is going to tell all the guys what happened with her and Nick.