And so concludes another season of #TheBachelorette

Thankfully, this is the last night of Kaitlyn's season. "I'm in love with two guys, and two guys are in love with me."

Kaitlyn doesn't know what she wants in more ways than one. She's on the show to try out relationships, but I don't think she can figure out anything the way she has gone about it.

Both men hope that Kaitlyn's family likes him because their families got along so well with her.

Kaitlyn and her family meet up at a house in Malibu where she admits to being in love with two men. When she tells him that someone shows up from another season, Mom rightfully predicts the guys wanted to punch him out. Mom and Sister don't seem too impressed with Nick being the one back, and they for some reason look shocked that the men left hate each other.

Kaitlyn tells them they have to separate how Nick was on Andi's season with how he is with her. Mom is totally shocked that Nick is here. Kaitlyn admits that she didn't think she would have been physically attracted to Nick, but then face to face, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. She admits all of it to her Mom.

Nick is the first of the two men they meet. The family (complete with mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, and sister) jump right in on the quizzing. Sister busts out to the camera the phrase, "I hope he is here for the right reasons."

I zone out anytime Nick opens his mouth. He always seems to slur his words. Mom is the first to take him off alone. Since she was not impressed with him during Andi's season, no telling what's going to be asked.

Mom says she is shocked that he is here because they saw a possessive, jealous, (I don't want to use the word) arrogant man on TV. "I know what you see in Kaitlyn, what does she see in you?" He doesn't answer any quality of his other than how she acts around him.

Nick doesn't answer anything straight. He's in love with her daughter, aside from the physical.

For some reason, when Nick gets emotional, Mom says, "you're good for Kaitlyn." She decides she was totally wrong about her judgment of him.

Dad quickly gives a blessing if he decides to propose.

They go kiss out by the car, and Nick's looking around everywhere while kissing her. It was creepy.


Sister Haley is nervous about how it is going to go down with Shawn after such a great day with Nick. They should have been rougher on Nick.

Mom is kind of nervous because Shawn sounds like a jealous man, and he should have known what to expect going in.

Shawn is definitely nervous to meet the family. (He should be since all the family knows Kaitlyn had to tell him about Nick.) It helps that he brought gifts for everyone in the family, including Haley's kids.

The family falls for Shawn as he tells about first seeing Kaitlyn on the previous season and deciding that he wanted to meet her. Even though Kaitlyn tells them Shawn has a problem expressing himself in words, he's a million times more eloquent than Nick.

Mom is going to quiz Shawn about his feelings on finding out about Shawn and Kaitlyn. Mom asks about jealousy between he and Nick, and how he plans to handle that in the outside world since so many people are attracted to Kaitlyn. Shawn says it's only bothered him because of how he felt for her. He doesn't foresee trust issues or jealousy when they are in an exclusive relationship.

I'm kind of impressed at how well Shawn handled himself.

When Kaitlyn and Haley talk in the house, we learn that Haley has been a Nick fan for a year. However, Haley is Team Shawn. This is surprising to Kailtyn.

Shawn charms Dad too, and he brings Mom out to the conversation too, and asks both of them for their blessing to propose. They both give their approval.


Kaitlyn is trying to figure out how she feels about Nick when she had such a great day with Shawn yesterday. She'll have a chance to try to figure it out as it's time for their last date. They board a boat and promptly open up a bottle of champagne. They talk about her family and how well it went. 

Any time Nick is on screen, I get bored to death. I STILL don't see what the attraction is. Yet, supposedly he gets her, and he's sensitive, and yawn.

The date continues after a costume and set change. As they talk out by the fire, it's still boring, but she tells him how surprised she was to see him in New York. She's impressed that he took a chance to put all his life on hold to give a relationship with her a shot.

Kaitlyn still isn't sure.

Nick has a gift for her. It's in his bedroom. She isn't sure if he is serious or not. They go up to check it out. It's a picture frame with a picture of them from their first one-on-one date, and a poetic note about how he was feeling at the time.

It's increasingly hard for him to not imagine that it will end well. Meanwhile, I think Kaitlyn seems to be getting bored too.

It's great. A part of Kaitlyn can see Nick being her husband.


Kaitlyn woke up with her chest pounding. She's still confused. A nice night with Nick, but she likes how Shawn makes her feel. 

I'm only team Shawn because he is the lesser of two evils. His face still seems weird to me. His hair is too Ken doll. 

Their conversation starts off boring too. She just says she hasn't slept well. Kaitlyn wants to be normal with him. Shawn tries to prod her to talk, but there's an awkward silence. "What's going on in your head?" "Well, what's going on in your head?"

Shawn just says he's just reacting to her awkwardness. What's awkward is Kaitlyn stroking his leg hair. He's getting really nervous from her vibe. He's not so sure about the proposal anymore. 

Oddly enough, I think Shawn's the one she would say "yes" to. 

That night after their wardrobe and venue change, he's still all wound up because her body language was so iffy. He needs some things to be clarified. 

Shawn tells her that he doesn't want it to be awkward tonight like it was earlier in the day. She's more animated in their conversation tonight. Kaitlyn says that while she's always been aware that proposal day would be coming, it's just hitting her that the day is tomorrow. 

She warns him that it is going to be rough for him watching the season back. He says he knows this and may not watch all of the parts. Kaitlyn talks more about the future with Shawn than she does with Nick. 

Shawn also has a gift for her. It's a jar of memories with pictures and notes from their dates. After going through the jar together, he feels better about things and is back on the path to proposal again. 


After the date with Shawn, Kaitlyn knows someone is going to be blindsided. She lets on like she doesn't know who yet. 


It’s the final morning! Shawn has lots of emotions, but he is sure about his decision, even if he realizes another man is there.

He works on writing down his feelings when there is a knock on the door. Neil Lane arrives to show Shawn engagement rings. 


Nick thinks Kaitlyn may have acquired a taste for him and he may go to sleep tonight engaged. If Neil Lane arrives at his door, he's ready to pick out a ring. Knock, knock. He's nervous to find out who is there. He's thankful it's Neil there to look at rings instead of Kaitlyn coming to send him off. 

Nick tells Neil that he's been through this process up to this point before. Before opening up the case, Neil comments on the Claddagh rings they already have. Claddagh rings just reminds me of the Sister Wives


Kaitlyn arrives at the mansion in a limo and is greeted by Chris Harrison. The men are headed that way too.

Kaitlyn THINKS she is going to be happy after this, but it's the goodbye that is so hard.

First up is Nick, which can't be good for him because you know they show is going to close with a happy embrace.

He blathers on about feeling so great about her and how in love he is, and on her face you see pity. Just let him go already. I actually start to feel bad for him. He is about to get down on one knee when she stops him. She looks away. She can't even face him.

Kaitlyn says that although she has always told him that she would let him go if she wasn't feeling it. Nick says, "it's him." She says she really needed all this time with him. Nick stops her, "nothing you can say will help me feel less confused."

She wants to talk to him about it. He doesn't want to or need to keep hearing it. "You took things from me." Kaitlyn tries to tell him it was real in that moment, but he doesn't believe it was because it was more than just a moment to him.

In all seriousness, it must suck to be Nick. This is the second time he's been runner-up. Kaitlyn walks him out.

As he rides away in the limo of shame, he puts the ring back in the box and chunks it across the car. He then pulls off his Claddagh ring and wimpily flings it across the car too. I really thought he was going to thrown the Hope Diamond out the window. The ring was HUGE.

"I'm the world's biggest joke."


After fixing her make-up from all the tears, and blowing her nose, it's time for Shawn. It hurt saying goodbye to Nick, but Kaitlyn thinks it's going to be worth it when she sees Shawn. 

Kaitlyn welcomes Shawn with a kiss. He must take that as a good sign. He proceeds to eloquently propose to her. Before he pulls out a ring, she responds back to him, but pauses dramatically in a way that has him nervous for a second. 

He does get down on one knee and gives her a large diamond. She gives him a rose that is probably already wilted. They ride off in the limo together. 


Now, it's on to "After the Final Rose." I can only imagine how ugly and graphic it will get with Nick. 

The very happy couple is annoyingly giddy on stage. Chris Harrison asks him, "how was it, may not for the first time, being told that you were the one." It's rare, but it does happen that the guy who gets the first impression rose is the one to make it to the end. 

It's not long before we have to invite Nick back on to see how he's doing. Chris points out that this is a deja vu moment having him back in the hot seat. Nick said he really didn't see it coming, but looking back he could have either been cynical or trusting. 

They talk about their pre-existing relationship. They had starting talking about a month before the show started. Nick feels like they got to know each other as well as two people could without ever meeting one another. At some point things clicked. When it started, she did not know she was going to be the Bachelorette. Nick acts like he's trying to downplay things. He's always wording things like I don't want to say this happened, but it happened, but I'm only going to let you think it. And yes, that made about as much sense as anything Nick ever says. 

So now Shawn and Nick get to confront each other. Harrison asks why there was such hatred. Shawn says that he's not a fake person, so he can't be nice to someone he has a bad feeling about. 

Nick said they didn't really have a chance to get to know each other, and he thought he had received a bad rap from being on the show previously. Shawn defends himself saying that wasn't the case and a lot of the jealousy issue part came from editing. 

Now, I am bored again because Nick keeps talking. 

Next up, Nick and Kaitlyn talk. Can we be done with Nick? Please? And the awkward moments continue. "We had said we loved each other. What were you thinking?" I'm telling you any time he opens his mouth, it's like listening to an adult on Peanuts. Wahawhahh ahwawwhh wahhhh. 

Kaitlyn just didn't feel as much for Nick as she did for Shawn.

Chris Harrison asks what went on in the "relationship" before the show. About all she says is that if it had been anyone else, she wouldn't have let them on the show.

We have to bring them back after commercial too because it's so boring, and we have to re-hash EVERYTHING. Nick got kicked off, yet he gets the most airtime. 

Kaitlyn says she wrestled about when she should let Nick go. However, she didn't want to end it the same way at the same time as Andi. When he says, "I know you didn't mean anything by it," there is such animosity in his voice. 

Finally, finally, Chris Harrison cuts them off for a commercial and what I am sure is going to be lots of pimping Bachelor in Paradise

We come back from commercial with the happy COUPLE. They are just looking forward to getting to normal life. He's also looking forward to defending his woman.

And then we do get lots of Bachelor in Paradise clips. I will try to blog on it, but I plan on it being one post per week for both episodes, not two. I'm not looking forward to it.