I'm going to have to find some more interesting things to do with my life

It's pretty sad when you go to Home Depot on a Saturday just because you can. Well, given I live in Corsicana, it's kind of the only thing to do, and I hadn't been in a few weeks.

I also went to the post office on back to back days. I keep telling you I need to get out more.

Oh, Dad and I went out to my uncle's house to tell him I shipped a horseshoe cross to Massachusetts and to plan out him making some more items for our booth. I even made him a sign to go on his display.

In addition to putting some hours in the craft room, the past couple of nights, I have gotten everything updated on The Crafty Dad and Daughter. You should go check it out!

Not only am I getting ready for fall craft shows, I'm just ready for fall weather!