#thebachelorette Men Tell All proves I'm not as easily entertained as a I thought I was

How ugly is it going to get on "The Men Tell All" tonight? I'm ready for some friction on The Bachelorette tonight.

Chris Harrison welcomes us to what is sure to be much more than just men telling all on what he claims is "the most controversial season of The Bachelorette ever.

Harrison introduces the guys that have returned, and maybe my memory is just getting bad, but I don't really remember two of the guys. Is that bad?

Oh, but before we can get into the drama, we have to get a preview of Bachelor in Paradise. I am going to have to talk myself into watching that level of crap again. I don't want to want to watch it. Too much drama. Too much vying for someone just to get with them. UGH! OH SNAP! It's going to be airing on Sunday and Monday nights. I think I'm going to have to roll that into one blog post. Can it only last like two weeks?

Yes, I am fully aware that I don't HAVE to watch it. I certainly don't HAVE to blog about it.

I'm going to have to think about it.

The highlight reel includes smack talking between the men, drunk Ryan, Clint and JJ love moments, everyone ranting about Nick, and Ian bragging about how great he is. After that, Tanner lays into Ian about how rude and disrespectful he was to all of them. When Corey defends Ian, Ben H asks him how well he knew Kaitlyn because he was on the show how long?

Ian tries to get Harrison to bring out Kaitlyn right then, but that doesn't happen. Ian stands up, takes off his coat, and gets down on one knee to apologize to them all. Harrison gives him the oddest look while asking what he was doing. Then he's on two knees apologizing. JJ goes and gives him a hug.

After a commercial, attention turns to the oddness of Clint's behavior. Clint says he was a straight man from the time he arrived in the limo and departed in the depression mobile. Clint claims he wasn't trying to alienate anyone, he just befriended JJ because he reminded Clint of a friend back home. JJ starts using air quotes, and Harrison asks him what was up with that. JJ digs himself a hole about his relationship with Clint.

Kupah has enough of this conversation and decides he wants attention and launch into a discussion about Nick. There's a split response about adding Nick to the mix. Clint and JJ didn't care... probably because they weren't there long enough. Clint calls Josh out for what he said to Kaitlyn about Nick not being the one for him.

After another commercial, the first guy to be put in the hot seat was JJ. We get a selection of his highlights, including him slapping himself in the face after Clint left. Harrison asked what happened with Kaitlyn since there was a connection at first. JJ just claims he lost momentum. Joe starts laughing to the point of snorting trying not to laugh when JJ talks about what he and Clint talked about and did. Then, all the guys start laughing. Jared simply calls JJ an acquired taste.

The only thing truly interesting thus far has been the many facial expressions of Chris Harrison.

Next up is Ben Z, one of the few likable guys in my opinion. At first Kaitlyn was very attracted to him. The question is, where did it all go wrong? Ben Z blames closing up during the fake wake on the group date in Ireland. This hot seat is lukewarm at best. Maybe I'm just bored. I'm looking up craft fairs while watching this. All the women cheer that he should be able to find love though.

Jared gets his turn in the hot seat. They were both so obviously interested in one another. Where did it go wrong? That's the question of the night, right? He had fallen in love with her. It is going to be hard to see her here in a few minutes.

Before Kaitlyn has to face the men, we have to talk to Ben H. Lots of women are very excited to hear from him. Again, Harrison asks, "what went wrong?" They too were falling in love with each other. Harrison brings up Ben's bringing up not being sure if she was lovable. Ben really did have that fear. One event that changed things was when Kaitlyn snuck off and came into Ben and Shawn's room and the three of them spent 6 hours talking. He left the room to take a shower, and came back and realized something had happened while she was talking to Shawn. That was when she told Shawn he was the one. Nothing was the same after that even though they had a chance to clear the air.

Finally, Kaitlyn comes out to face her accusers, I mean suitors. Kaitlyn makes her ugly face while Harrison talks about her seemingly pushing some of the boundaries of the season and not being afraid to address certain issues. Then, Harrison reads off some of the terrible tweets about Kaitlyn. Now, I admit to saying a few mean things with her tagged on Twitter, but I didn't say she needed to die or call her horrible names. I felt bad actually using her Twitter handle.

Kaitlyn admits it's hard to face some of the guys in the front row like Jared who was such a gentleman. And Ben H. who does have one question... why did she only tell Shawn about Nick? Had she already decided she was sending the rest home? She was more worried about needing to be honest with Shawn because he had expressed trust issues.

Harrison asks Kaitlyn what it was about Nick. She had just tried to put a relationship with him out of her mind about the possibility since she knew she might be going on the show. Well, if she had that connection...

Johnathan pushes her on the Nick issue and saying, "my husband is in this room," but she turns on him asking, "didn't you vote for Britt?"

JJ defends the choice to bring him on. Tanner says he gets turning over every stone, but doesn't think that Kaitlyn addressed it well, especially when every conversation that week was about Nick.

It's time for final comments. Drunk Ryan continues to make a fool of himself. What is up with his hair? And as I type that, Kaitlyn compliments her hair.

Kaitlyn has a question for Clint. "Why didn't you treat me the way you treated JJ?" Neither Clint nor JJ is amused.

Ian gives Kaitlyn an apology note and again gets on his knees to say he was sorry. But he gets a cramp and has to stand up.

Then, there's the blooper reel replete with lots of birds flying at Kaitlyn. Even the bloopers were kind of boring. The best part of the night may have been Joe putting on a pigeon mask and going after Kaitlyn. With all the bird talk, she ways she can't see the birds tattooed on the back of her arms which begs the question, "why even get them?"

Yawn. That's it for the night.