I haven't spent time in my living room in weeks

For the week before and weeks after my trip to Florida, I've spent the evenings out in the craft room trying to prep for future shows. I've been working on Christmas stuff for a Christmas in July event we went to today. Other than watching The Bachelorette, I've barely been in my living room for weeks.

I did sell one Christmas ball I stayed up late making last night today... it's one of THREE things I sold. There's nothing more exhausting than staying up getting ready followed by getting up early to go to a sale and not selling anything. You come home very tired and very let down.

However, I do have bites online from other things I made this week, and we will have big shows coming up soon.

In the meantime, here's a look at some of my newest creations. My craft room doesn't know what month it is!

The pumpkin is two-sided, Halloween on the front and Thanksgiving on the back so that you can use it twice as long!