I'm not rooting for anyone to find love on #thebachelorette

From the previews of tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, it looks like another episode of the Nick Show.

It's been a hard week for Kaitlyn. She sent Chris home on his date, and she admittedly went too far with Nick. Nick, Nick, Nick.

The front runners are so hate-able that I find myself not on anyone's side. I don't think there's a snowball's chance (in Texas in July) of Kaitlyn staying with anyone.

Back at the hotel, there is a knock at the door. The date card reads "Ben, let's make today unforgettable."

As Ben goes off to get ready for his date, he's warned that he better pack his bags to be prepared.

Ben meets Kaitlyn, and the two start their date in a row boat. Kaitlyn is stressed and tells Ben as much. The two land on a small private island where they explore the ruins of an old castle. They play some hide and seek.

Their chat time becomes super serious because the pressure is on for her now. Does she see this guy as her husband? With Ben, when they talk -- and kiss -- it feels right to Kaitlyn. Ben is hesitant to tell her how serious he is because he may be rejected.

What she proclaimed started out as one of her worst days turned out to be one of her best dates thanks to Ben. There's a lot of whiskey on hand, so no telling what might happen. Will he admit he's falling in love with her? He fears not being loved back or being loveable. Kaitlyn thinks he's loveable. In fact, she's starting to fall in love with him. With this statement, he too declares his love.

Then, the subject turns to Chris Harrison's announcement about the overnight dates. Ben says that the pressure is for the date to turn physical. He wants to make it clear that he doesn't feel that pressure, that he looks forward to talking all night. Kaitlyn is seems disappointed at this news. That's when she focuses on staring at him thinking about how handsome he is and asks him if he's a virgin...

Cut to the hotel room where the next date card arrives. "Joe, Shawn, Nick... Let's love run a-muck." Whoever gets the rose on the group date is the first one to gets an overnight date.

The men ponder what a-muck means. Running aimlessly? Getting dirty? 

Shawn is not happy about going on a group date with Nick. Like he gets a choice.

Back to the question, Kaitlyn asked. His answer is no though he is glad he comes off as innocent.

The next day, is the sure to be awkward group date. The first chance they have to sit down, Shawn takes Kaitlyn off to talk. After seeing other guys on one-on-ones, Shawn is ready for his time. They both realized that after their fight before the last rose ceremony, it's the only time they have had together in which they didn't kiss.

Because Shawn questions her so much and has issues with trust, Kaitlyn knows she has to tell Shawn what happened with Nick. Just as she works herself up to talking about it, Nick shows up.

Nick asks her about her week and how it's gone. Tough answer for her. Nick tells her that she isn't "The Bachelorette" to him, she's just Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn is the one that goes up to Joe to ask for some time with him. I'm trying to decide if I like his Kentucky accent. She asks him if he is ready to be engaged. He says yes and that he loves her, but when she keeps after him, he decides to kiss her and see if that answers the question. Joe gives the right answers, and asks if he stuttered, but she gets emotional. Kaitlyn gets really mellow. She tells him they had a great date last week, but she has to be brutally honest with him. "When you tell me you love me, it makes me realize maybe we aren't on the same page right now."

"What are you trying to say?"

She's not there right now, but at the same time, she can't imagine telling him bye right now.

They stand up and she gives him a hug. Joe asks, "what do I do now?" He can't figure out if he's been cast off or what. She walks away.

The guys figure out she must have just sent Joe home. The two guys agree on one thing... that there was no point in putting him through a rose ceremony. At the same time, she is not ready to hand out the date rose. She thanks Nick for a good conversation, but tells Shawn they need more time to talk tonight.

Nick sees this as a bad sign for him. I don't think he should.

Nick goes back to the hotel and tells about the exchange between Kaitlyn and the men - she sent Joe home, sent Nick to the hotel, and is spending more time with Shawn now. Maybe for the first time, Nick doesn't seem cocky.

Shawn is eating up the fact that he gets more time, clueless about what will soon go down. Their relationship has gone faster than others, and he needs to know from her what went down with Shawn. She wants to enjoy time with him, but needs to spit out her confession about her time with Nick. He tells her she can say what she needs to say. She drags it out. She hasn't told anyone else, but doesn't want him to find out another way... Finally, she gets it out. He looks like a bobblehead, just nodding at the news. He's very quiet for a while. Knowing the camera is focused on him, he finally asks, "did you regret it?" "I feel guilt."

Shawn tells her he doesn't know what to think and wonders why she told him this now. He needs a minute to regroup, and tries to find a way off camera. After a while, he comes back in and says he doesn't want to talk about Nick or get upset, and refocus on their relationship.

Jared and Nick are wondering about whether or not Shawn would come home with a rose. Shawn came home and said a rose was not on the table tonight, but the evening went well. Nick says he felt good about their conversation that day too.

Jared had a one-on-one four days ago, but he wants to talk to Kaitlyn since they haven't had time since. Nick is shaking in his boots and keeps bringing up the fact over and over again that he hasn't had as much time as the other guys since he came on the scene late. Since he arrived though, I can tell you he has had his share of time. 

Shawn wants to want a rose, but he has questions. He's not sure he can accept a rose. 

However, no one is going to get time. Kaitlyn has made up her mind and doesn't want a cocktail party. It's straight to rose ceremony time.

Kaitlyn tells the men it has not been easy and thanks them before picking up the first of the three roses. She calls Shawn up first, but before accepting the rose, he wants to talk to her.

You see Shawn did a lot of thinking and had trouble sleeping last night. Kaitlyn gives him the "die" look. She has the death stare down. He asks her why she told him what she did.

She tells Shawn telling him he was "the one" was a mistake. She is there to explore other relationships because she plans on not exploring another one after this show. She appreciates his honesty, but she needs to figure out things on her own. Can he trust her in the end?

I'm surprised she didn't kick his butt off the island, but they go back out and Shawn accepts the rose.

Kaitlyn gives Ben a rose next.

Nick gets the final rose, of course. This is when Shawn looks like he could explode.

Jared is headed to the house. Kaitlyn does walk him out. As they sit down on a bench, he asks her if she wants his jacket since it is cold outside. Jared is very kind as he tells her that he hopes she finds the man of her dreams because she deserves it. She's in tears as Jared's car drives away, realizing what a gentleman he was. Of course, he's in tears too.

Her only concern with Jared is that it wasn't going as fast. Maybe everyone should discard the ones that go so fast. They seem to be the ones that don't last.

The next morning, the men pack it up to leave Ireland. One thing about Shawn, he's consistent in ALWAYS calling Nick, "the other guy." He has it down. He talks about Nick a lot and every time, it is "the other guy."

Poor Ben. He has no clue about the drama. He has no idea he's low man on the totem pole. He's surprised Jared left and Nick stayed. Obviously, he has no clue. 

The first guy to go on a "Fantasy Suite" date is Nick. They stroll the town of Cork. She needs to figure out if it's all about the passion with Nick or if there was something else there. They talk about going into the confessional. Thankfully they didn't have an inappropriate moment in there.

They go to a pub and chat with the locals who have very thick accents, and Kaitlyn hasn't a clue what they say.

Meanwhile, Shawn is stewing that "the other guy" got a rose, and they are off in a suite right now. 

Later that evening, Nick needs to talk. He knows he showed up late, but he still feels like an outsider. Kaitlyn speculates they know he has an edge, and that's why.

Nick brings up some really crude things about Shawn without naming him. When Kaitlyn's like, "I don't know who you are talking about," he blurts out Shawn's name. She's annoyed, but very distracted about the storm that starts. Kaitlyn tells Nick that the only person the men have expressed concerns about is him (Nick), not Shawn. He should have just kept his mouth shut.

He keeps apologizing for showing up late, but he's not sorry about falling in love with her. After an awkward moment, he opens the invite to the Fantasy Suite. They go off to find their cell. They are evidently in an old jail. Their cave-like room was a joke. They go off to a resort for the real suite. Hopefully, this time we don't have to hear everything we did last time.

The next morning, we have to witness them half dressed at breakfast. Kaitlyn says there was a lot of talking and getting to know Nick.

Back at wherever they are staying now, Shawn calls up to the front desk to find out Nick's room so they can have a confrontation. Shawn knocks on the door and goes in. Shawn wants to get some things off of his chest and jumps right in. Shawn doesn't think Nick's there for the right reasons, calls him arrogant and manipulative. Shawn thinks Nick is there for attention. The episode ends in middle of the confrontation.

The show really needs to get back on the pace of ending with a rose ceremony. This whole season is a hot mess.