Whoever said honesty was the best policy on #thebachelorette?

I have to admit... I'm kind of afraid of how raunchy things are going to get tonight on The Bachelorette. Three overnight dates. At least I am not watching live tonight and can fast forward through awkward moments if I need to. 

Before I even watch, I predict Ben going home before the key comes out of the envelope on her date. She gets with Nick again because he makes her "feel like a desired woman." Shawn beats up Nick before he has a chance to go on his date.

The show picks up where it ended last week with Shawn confronting Nick. They each call each other shady, arrogant, and prideful. Nick keeps bringing up Shawn being Eskimo brothers with some guy who did something with some country singer. If you don't know what that means, you don't want to know. I didn't want to know. Finally Shawn just leaves.

First date -- Ben H. 

Kaitlyn is looking forward to her date with Ben because he doesn't bring drama. They go horseback riding. He knows what he's doing on a horse. Then, they feed some donkeys who follow them as they try to get away. It's as boring as it sounds. They come up to a castle (they're everywhere in Ireland), and have a picnic. She spouts off some fact about the architect being the same one that built Buckingham Palace. It looks older, but I guess she was fed facts by the producers.

She loves being around him, or at least she says. She also says it might be the beginning of forever. She tells him they will be having dinner and spending their night at the castle.

So, she's waiting at the castle when he comes back later to finish their date. Their conversation is super boring. Ben tells her that he had his birthday on the show -- his 26th. Evidently, he's a year younger than he claimed, but she'll be 30 in a couple of months, and age doesn't matter to her. So that's the big teaser confession? They are going to have to do better than that as far as keeping the show interesting because I started blogging an hour and a half after the show tonight, and it's getting late fast.

Kaitlyn presents Ben with the fantasy suite invite. He goes on this speech about not wanting to think other guys are there, but he has no idea how he is ranked third. I'm surprised she hasn't sent him packing yet, but I still don't think he's going to make it to the rose ceremony. And I'm not just saying that because I looked at Twitter.

She's hopeful she will wake up in the morning thinking that he is the one. Cue kissy, kissy before they get their private time.

The next morning, they wake up and watch sheep out the window. Too many animal clips.

After 30 minutes of sleep, Kaitlyn is more confused than ever because she didn't want to say "goodbye" to Ben this morning.

Next up is Shawn.

When they first met, she saw Shawn's sense of humor, but it's been a while. They will go golfing today, and gives him clothes to wear. Dorky blue pants and a hot pink shirt. Shawn hopes their relationship is like golf - something they can still have when they are old and grey.

Her good golf swing is another thing on his list of what will make her a good wife. Kaitlyn beats him though. So, she decides to play a game of truth or dare. The first dare involves him streaking across the course. Revenge of the black box.

Kaitlyn says she and Shawn have had the most ups and downs of any relationship on the show. Shawn thinks it's going to be a great date. However, Kaitlyn is going to bring up the bad stuff. She starts in on him about no one says anything bad about Ben, but he and Nick are always at each other and why can't they talk it out? Shawn tells her that he went over to Nick to talk to him. Then, she gets mad about it.

Kaitlyn asks Shawn about accusations, and this just makes Shawn even madder. She decides she wants to finish the conversation off camera, so pulls out the fantasy suite invite. Kaitlyn asserts that she will know by morning if Shawn can be her husband.

When Shawn leaves the suite the next morning, he runs into Nick who is lurking around a corner of the parking lot. Nick asks if they can talk, and Shawn says, "not really."

Nick says that he didn't get to answer Shawn's accusations, so he wants to address those. Shawn thinks Nick has been talking smack about him, so he's even madder than the last time they talked.

Afterwards, Nick thinks it was awful for Shawn to say he just spent a whole day and night with Kaitlyn. I don't understand why he's all mad about that because "I didn't know that." Aw, c'mon. You know all that is going on.

Next up, we have Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn talking about how things have been going. This is where I remember that Nick had his overnight date on last week's show. I get all thrown off by the fact they don't do the rose ceremony at the end anymore.

Kaitlyn confesses that the drama between Nick and Shawn is impacting her feelings towards them. Ben is so nice and honest and handsome and no drama though.

Tonight is technically the final rose ceremony. One will be sent home, and the others will meet family.

I just realized how obnoxious Kaitlyn's very low cut dress is. It's so ugly. It's not very flattering for her body either.

Sorry for the distraction. Before Kaitlyn can hand out roses, she has to excuse herself. Chris Harrison goes to check on her. He encourages her to tell him what is going on. She knows what she has to do, but it breaks her heart to think about it. She goes back out.

First rose goes to Nick. Shawn is ready to kill. However, as has been predicted for weeks, Shawn gets the other rose. Ben is speechless, and Kaitlyn can scarcely look at him at first. She does walk him out leaving Shawn and Nick alone. 

Shawn doesn't want "that other guy" anywhere around his future wife.

Nick finds himself in a final two again. Will he get turned down again?

Ben was changed by Kaitlyn, but thankfully, he is not crying as he rides away.

For all Kaitlyn's talk about the two guys that are left hating each other, she still thinks they are great guys. Nope. Sorry, she sent them all home. There is very awkward silence as Kaitlyn comes back in to toast the two that are left, then leave them in the room again to pace until the producers tell them the shot is done.

From Ireland, everyone heads to Utah where Kaitlyn will meet the men's families.

When she arrives and talks to Nick, he talks to her about what it was like last time compared to this time. Last time with Andi, he would have had to take a leap of faith. This time with Kaitlyn, he is sure of what he wants to do and how he feels about her.

Nick's family isn't real confident this is going to work out for him this time either. I don't blame them. Half the family is crying before they show up, and the rest of them are very somber.

When Kaitlyn arrives, she gets to meet Nick's parents and a gaggle of brothers and sisters. They are all surprised that it's already down to two by this point.

One of the sisters close to his age (because a number of siblings are younger) takes Kaitlyn off to talk. Sister talks about how far both of them had gone in seasons before and asks how it's different this time. Sister decides she sees why Nick was interested in Kaitlyn. Not really sure... Then, Kaitlyn talks to three brothers followed by the youngest sister. Bella asks about Vancouver, then if Kaitlyn loves her brother.

Then, Kaitlyn talks to Mom about Nick's goofy side. I'm really bored out of my mind at this point and doing some online shopping.

Mom and Nick talk, and he's 99% sure Kaitlyn is in love with him. He tells Mom she's nice to make out with. What adult male tells his mother that? However, Mom sees a difference between how he was with Andi and how he is with Kaitlyn.

When they are back alone, we have to watch (or listen in my case) a make out session.

We get to meet Shawn's family too. Once she meets them, he'll be able to actually tell Kaitlyn that he loves her. 

Kaitlyn will have to face Shawn's two older sisters. One will grill him, the other Kaitlyn wants to question since brother and sister lived together for a while. Mom wasn't able to make the trip, but an Aunt is representing in her place along with the sisters and his dad.

Shawn announces that he is the only one of 25 men from he first night left... but another guy came along.

The first sister to question Kaitlyn is nice, but gets to her points. Actually both sisters are really nice. Kaitlyn wants to know if the sisters believe that Shawn is ready for marriage. That's her main concern.

Shawn said that the family had to like Kaitlyn or it was over. The sisters give their approval. Dad, however, is skeptical and blunt. He takes his son out and point flat out asks, "what the hell is going on?"

Shawn tries to explain that this time it's different than before - he's in love. Of course, dad goes from being tough to a softy saying sometimes love at first sight happens and when you know, you know.

When they get time alone, Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he's not just falling in love with her, he is in love with her. However, of course, she doesn't, or can't say it back. He's weepy after she leaves.

Then, Kaitlyn is all emotional when she leaves because it was such a great day. (She's way too up and down.)

She doesn't know what to do! She's so into both guys!

However, next week, before we find out who she picks (yes, I've read the spoilers), we have the "Men Tell All" episode. Now, that should be fun!