A day away from the office is so not worth it

In case you haven't figured it out, these days, I don't get out unless it's to fair, festival, or craft show. The Crafty Dad and Daughter has been looking forward to the Tailwinds Regional Balloon Fest in Canton for a few months now for two reasons. The first is it's a hot air balloon festival. I've never been, and Mom and I have always wanted to go to one. Secondly, it's in Canton, and having an actual job that pays the bills, I can't take time off to go set up over in Canton on First Monday weekends to do the actual Canton First Monday Trade Days. Just the fact that it's in Canton, we hope to have a successful event.

So, back to the whole taking any time off work. As I have mentioned, the past month or so at work has been CRAZY. There's been a lot going on, we had the staffing change, and the annual ICRS event is coming up and that's always crazy town with questions and various tasks. My original plan was to take off around noon to go over and set up for the first night of the event for 5-9 PM. As it turns out, I've had enough hours in without really even trying that I ended up taking the whole day.  

In my experience, it's never worth it or relaxing to take a single day off. There's the making up time which I did have covered. There's the getting things ready for the new person to do because we're still getting into a routine. (No offense to anyone there - it's just part of it.) Checking some email on the phone in middle of everything because I am so connected. Oh, I forgot the part where as soon as I got up this morning (after going to bed about 2 AM because I was trying to finish stock), going upstairs to answer an email in my pajamas. I never work in pajamas even if I do work from home. Then, there's the onslaught of what comes in while you are gone. And this wasn't even a relaxing day off.

This was a set up the booth for a few hours, then take everything on display and pack it up because there's a threat of rain and rain is not my friend.

We did get to see some balloons. The sun was setting thus the horrible lighting on the pictures. I should have taken my phone back up to the balloons when it was darker and they were doing the balloon glow. I say my phone, which takes terrible pictures, because my real camera was in my bag and something happened when someone was getting something in or out of it, and broke my camera. It comes on, but it's like something internally is cracked. Someone (me) needs a new camera, especially if I do get away on a real trip this year.

The bad news is that everyone came for the balloons, of course, and we were away from the action so there weren't many shoppers.

What I am learning (again) is this: I need to loosen up. I'm way too tightly wound lately. I have to figure out a solution to that. I shouldn't find a day off of work to be so stressful.