The Seed: A True Myth

God’s grand narrative — the only ‘true myth’

Author’s debut novel is rich in Christian theology and symbolic imagery

At some point everyone will have a moment where they simply know something is missing in their lives. Attempts to fill, ignore or dull this void are never successful and only end up leaving them exhausted, confused and alone. These are themes explored by author Erik Guzman in his debut release, The Seed: A True Myth (New Growth Press/May 16, 2016/ISBN: 978-1942572794/$17.99). This parable uses symbolism and vivid imagery to help readers think critically about the great lengths they go to in order to avoid the pain of living in a broken world, rather than accepting the peace and freedom the Gospel offers. 

Guzman’s “true myth” takes the reader on an unforgettable journey that captures the grand narrative of God’s redemptive work in the world. “The word ‘myth’ is derived from the Greek word ‘mythos,’ and that word simply means ‘story,’” Guzman explains. “Tolkien famously used the idea of a ‘true myth’ to lead C.S. Lewis to accept the Christian faith. The Christian story is similar to pagan myths. However, what Tolkien argued was that in the case of Christianity, the story we see everywhere in cultures across time actually happened in the person and work of Jesus. Therefore, Christianity is the one true myth . . . the one true story. And my book tells that same story.”

The Seed introduces readers to Madeline and Roark, two young people who are desperately running from the shadow that destroyed their home and is threatening their lives. One day, they encounter Tatus, an older man who has sworn to avenge the death of his family at the hands of the shadow. As the three form an alliance, Tatus promises he can keep them safe from the shadow if they help him build a fortress. So they build.

As fortress-building consumes their lives, Madeline and Roark are increasingly filled with anger and fear, and unknown to them, an unseen evil threatens to destroy them. When they finally face the shadow, they are presented with an unthinkable offer that will reveal the shocking secrets of the forgotten past, the unseen present and the unimaginable future.

Without using overtly Christian terms, The Seed deftly communicates the heart of Trinitarian theology and reinforces biblical themes such as God’s character and man’s true identity and calling. Writing with theological accuracy was critical for Guzman. “I went to seminary to write The Seed. I read lots of books and attended lots of lectures. It took years of shooting ideas around with friends and a number of talented editors to get the story right. I didn’t do it alone.” This page-turning fantasy tale is packed with mystery and drama, and readers will feel the weight and power of redemption as they journey alongside Guzman’s characters in their epic battle.

Guzman hopes the imagery, characters and events in The Seed will truly become an actual seed in readers’ hearts that will blossom into a lifetime — and an eternity — of freedom and joy.

Advance Praise

“It’s rare, but sometimes one reads a book that is so absorbing that one can’t put it down, so filled with truth that one can never ‘un-see’ it, and so profound that one will never forget it. The Seed is that kind of book. The ‘experience’ of reading The Seed will haunt me the rest of my life. I don’t even have the words to describe that ‘experience.’ Experience it for yourself and then give this book to everyone you know.”
~ Steve Brown, Author; Key Life radio broadcaster

“There are stories that we know so well they lose their power to overwhelm, transform, warm, and enlighten us. The story of God’s love for sinners is sadly one. But here, in this beautifully written fantasy, Erik Guzman has done what many writers try to do without success. He’s made that old story come alive in a new, illuminating way, the way of Love. The Seed will both remind of the old story and teach you new truth about the repeating ‘pattern of Love in the world’ and how we are loved, not for what we do but because we are His. Buy this book. Share it with your family.” 
~ Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Author of Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longing

“A colorful, right-brained feast that satisfies the soul and stimulates the imagination.” 
~ Frank Viola, Author; speaker; blogger at

About the author

Erik Guzman is Vice President of Communications and Executive Producer at Key Life Network. He’s the co-host of the nationally syndicated talk show Steve Brown, Etc. and announcer for Key Life. Guzman’s writing has been featured in the organization’s magazine and website as well, Burnside Writers Collective and Sojourners ( He has a BA in mass communication and an MBA and is perpetually working toward a Master’s in theological studies. He is also the author of the soon-to-be-published book The Gift of Addiction: How God Redeems Our Pain.

Guzman is also a Lay Eucharistic Minister, a drummer and a fifth-degree black belt in Aikido. He lives near Orlando, Florida, with his wife and their three children.

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