Strike out homeruns

I don't know if you have noticed. Maybe you have, maybe you haven't, but I haven't had a lot of posts lately from the aunt perspective.

Actually, over the past year.

There's a reason for that, and it's a long, long story. Definitely a reason for lack of material. It's tiring and trying and that's really all I can say.

But this is an upbeat moment from Peyton's softball game last night. This was not the at bat where she struck out, then rounded all the bases on a passed ball third strike and throwing errors.

We had a great time on the way to the game with one of her friends who was texting a boyfriend. Oh my. At 11-12 years old, they are hilarious. I think the boyfriend may like Peyton more than the friend, but Peyton can't stand him. I wish I had pictures of her face while she was talking about him. She claims boys are a big NO. I hope so for a while longer. ;)

Peyton is going with us to our craft show this weekend, so I do hope to have some great stories to tell in blogs very soon.