You only get one shoe

So you get your weekly crafty post, but it's not the norm.

Peyton had to make something out of duct tape for her science class. Why? No one really seems to know.

So, she called me. Actually, she texted me.

She decided to make a flower vase. So I helped her even though she got quite aggravated that at one time I got a Coke can stuck in it because I was trying to shape it. Finally, she got mad because I wouldn't just do it for her.

It did hold water, by the way.

She is very much her father's daughter. No patience, that child. We're lucky there is a flower.

I told her she should have made flip flops. I made her one, but admittedly got annoyed with her impatience and whining about how horrible I was for not finishing her flower for her, that she only got one shoe, which she did wear home by the way.

I have to say. I'm glad I don't make duct tape art.

She's also going to hate that I posted this picture.