Any shows you're really into after week 1 of the new TV season?

The new TV season. Not going to lie, I look forward to it more than Christmas (most years).

Thankfully, my new DVR records up to five shows at once because I'm trying to find some new shows to get into in addition to my regular shows coming back on.

I haven't gotten through everything I recorded yet, but I think so far I have watched four new shows. Here is a preview of each of the four and a quick yay or nay on whether I'm going to stick with them. I'm too lazy to give full reviews! ;)

First up, This is Us. This is the show a lot of women gave a chance and a rave review of this week. It's what many are calling their replacement to Parenthood. I personally had a like/hate relationship with Parenthood, but that's another story.

This one is going to be a yes on my continued watching list.

Then, there was Bull. Michael Weatherly left his role as DiNozzo on NCIS for his own show as a jury consultant.

I don't have a real opinion yet. We'll give it a little longer. By the way, I don't have an opinion on the replacement special agents on NCIS yet either.

Tonight after going out to dinner with Angie, she hung out in my craft room while I worked on some projects and we watched two new shows.

First, Pitch. I'm going to write a review of it to go up on

I am interested to see where the show goes, but I have a feeling it won't last long.

Then, we watched Designated Survivor.

This one is going to go off the list quickly. Too much drama. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this is the kind of show that gives radicals ideas. I can only watch so many of these kinds of shows. I tend to do other things while watching TV, and I don't like to concentrate so much to keep up with what's going on.