Whatever am I going to blog about the next few months on Monday nights?

There will be no more Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, etc. until January. Whatever am I going to blog about on Mondays for the next few months? 

I'm already going to have some trouble filling my blog for the rest of the month. 

I saw online where Luke was supposed to be the next Bachelor and that right before they announced it, they kicked him out to bring Nick in. Turns out since people started liking Nick a little bit more, they thought it would be a bigger draw. I would have gone for Luke. He seemed more normal. I want to see people that are more normal. Obviously, that doesn't make for good TV though.

The fall TV season will be starting soon, so I need to pick some new shows to watch. I do have the opportunity to do some TV reviews and/or summaries on a new website that also reviews books. We'll see how that goes!