For Better or Wurst

Today kicked off the first of nine scheduled events. Thank goodness this weekend was our only outside event of the fall. There are several reasons I don't like outdoor events.

  1. The weather turned out fine, but there was rain in the forecast. It seems like the weather leaves something to be desired most every time. Remember the 20 inches of rain that kept us home and out of luck last fall?
  2. Even if it doesn't rain, the fall usually beats part of our stuff up. It wasn't too bad.
  3. People don't come to outdoor events to shop. The come to eat and mill around.
  4. People bring their dogs. If they bring their dogs, they don't have any intention to shop and carry stuff. (And dogs poop in front of your booth.)
  5. The parking to get and out is crazy. Especially when you have a trailer and can't get around everyone else.
  6. There has only been one outside event we have ever done that was really any good. That was the one here in town. 
  7. Porta potties. Enough said.
The day went fine even if we thought we were never going to get out around the crazy parking when everyone tried to flee. We got there at 10 AM to set up so we didn't have to worry about everyone arriving and setting up at once. However, the festival wasn't over until 10 PM so the day was long. 

Thankfully the rest of the fall we will also have two booth spaces. We have too much stuff!