That's my word of the week.

My blog is backlogged. It's 11 PM on Friday, and I'm trying to catch up on four days worth of posts. I'm scrambling for posts.

Backlogged describes my laundry situation. I need to go put another load in the washing machine.

Today, I was supposed to be off for Good Friday. However, at work, it's a really busy time for me and I was so backed up on some things I needed to do, I worked. I will trade my holiday in for another time. I think I was able to get more done when it was quiet. I didn't make that big of a dent though.

I was supposed to do some craft stuff this week, at least mark some books for Dad to cut, but I haven't gotten that done either. I also need to do an order, but Dad hasn't brought over the painted letter for me to detail. I'm actually working at the shop tomorrow, so I'll have to work on it Sunday.

I'm always running. I'm always running behind.