Great expectations

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Expect a lot of craft pictures over the next couple of weeks because I'm going to try to get a lot of stuff made for two events coming up in a couple of weeks.

Even though our spring has been slow (and I spent a slow day manning the shop we have a booth in today - four slow weeks in a row), we have a local event, Derrick Days, that went well last year coming up on April 29 (go to for the full list of events).

The same day, I'm going to be set up in Mansfield at a market with lots planned. Hopefully, it's well advertised because if it's not, all the activities in the world won't get people there.

Because we are going to be at two locations, and because the booth at Derrick Days is going to be really big, we need lots of stock to split. There's lots of new things I've been wanting to do too. If I work hard to get it done over the next two weeks, it will either A) sell or B) put me that further ahead for fall which is NOT slow.

Either way it's motivation and you have to at least hope, if not, expect great things.