One project down

On Saturday, I promised a lot of pictures from The Crafty Dad and Daughter in the coming days. This L is an order I just finished last night.

This is a less than great picture from my phone. It looks better in person, and obviously isn't quite so reflective.

It's a 18" tall wood letter. I did one a couple of years ago for the big sister of this little girl. I think I've improved since I did the last one.

I tried some new paint markers that I actually got from Christmas. They were pastel colors that I really like, but didn't work with the other items I've made recently. They smelled like nail polish and reminded me of trying to paint with them too.

That stinks in more ways than one because it's hard to find a variety of colors in the one brand I prefer. They have some different sets of five on Amazon, but they get pricey for the special colors.