Crafty pic of the week... and the Kleenex box lady.

I haven't had much time to get in the studio lately, especially with craft events for three Saturdays in a row, but I did finish off an order this week.

This one is Texas State University. I think I may make these in other colleges by the fall, but not as many colleges as the Kleenex box lady has.

There is a woman we have seen at numerous craft shows that sells Kleenex box holders like my great grandmother made back in 1982. I do believe she has every university in the United States as well as most every professional sports team. I don't know who on earth actually wants one of these things, but she has tons of them along with gift card holders made from the same needlepoint mesh and yarn. She even had two booths this past weekend. I don't see how she would have covered her booth fees. She told me one time how much she had sold during a given weekend. I didn't believe her.

Below I have just one example of the boxes she does in a random college, true to the randomness of what she stocks. Google "Kleenex box needlepoint colleges" to understand what her booth looks like. The pictures you find may be her work. It may just blow your mind.

Oh, for fun, I'll share one more. I don't have one of these in my house nor do I ever plan to...