I'm afraid I really may become a hoarder

The top of my hutch that already housed half of my collection.
Yesterday I went with my mom to an estate sale where she picked up a few small glasses and several pieces of pewter I must admit I told her were at said sale. Shame on me.

She's really gotten into these pewter pieces after my Grandmother swiped one from her house one day saying she'd never miss it. Grandmother has the not so great habit of pointing out all the items Mom collects which I believe only fuels the collecting all the more. In fact, she made some such comment to Mom while in town today. She's not the one that ever has to worry about getting rid of all of this one day. That job most likely falls to me when there's an estate sale to sell everything from everyone else's estate sale. It makes her happy. Leave her alone!

I tell all this to say I'm becoming concerned I may have such borderline hoarding tendencies. I've mused this before with my supply of yarn in my yarn closet and MDF shapes in my craft studio. Oh, and there's the 275 uncut Reader's Digest books out in my laundry room. I forgot about those. Now, I'm worried it's furniture... and furniture to hold my other collections. I never have enough bookshelves for my book collection upstairs of fiction releases I'll never find enough time to read, ever. Like ever, ever.

At an estate sale a couple of weeks ago at the same location where Mom fed her hoard yesterday, I saw an antique glass cabinet I thought was neat. It had already sold, but I commented that I liked it. A few days later, one of my cousin's asked if I wanted her mother's china cabinet no one else had room for. It looked a whole lot like the one I had seen at that estate sale. My little house is pretty full as it is, but I said yes. It's going to be the last piece of furniture I can bring in without something going after I bring some shelves back in when we take our merchandise out of the booth in the shop at the end of the month. Who am I kidding? Something's going to have to give in my guest room. I need to do something with the standing mirror. I need a back of the door full length mirror instead.

The other half of my mug collection housed in my new-to-me cabinet.
Now, I'm on a rabbit trail in my mind thinking about all the things I can or should put in a garage sale. I'm so easily distracted. I'm even thinking of a figurine collection I have in boxes in a closet upstairs. I haven't had them out in at least 10 years.

Anyway, back to my collections. The china cabinet. I put the cabinet where I had three mug shelves stacked up (and well supported) because I couldn't put them all on the paneled walls in my house since it's a rental. I then filled the cabinet with half of my mug collection. I have 65-70. (They do take up more than Mom's 100+ shot glasses.) I brought four home from Arizona last month.

I really, truly may have a problem.

That's the first step, right?