My house doesn't usually look like this

This. This right here is what my house has looked like for almost a week. I was kind of embarrassed when Peyton and her friend stayed over the other night. Ok, not so much Peyton. She collapsed in middle of the floor this afternoon and asked what used to be there. "Uh, the table hasn't been there since I put up my Christmas tree, and there were tons of boxes there a few days ago when you were over last."

Dad and I unloaded all the stuff from the trailer along with all the stuff that has been out at the shop. After moving stock out, we had to have it divided to go two different directions last weekend. This is all piled up so that I can combine stuff back together and get it organized. Organization is a big deal for me. Big.

The OCD in me is going crazy that we have stuff in this cardboard box and that, and the collection is growing. They don't stack right and tend to fall apart. I had to go out and buy more bins, especially because we made up so much for the spring and haven't needed it. I had to ask Dad to go find another because we have 6 boxes of cut books. Yet, I still think I need more of the letter M.

Last night, let's just say I saw the end of the west coast Ranger game that went 13 innings because I was trying to get the last of it sorted. The game was over about 2:15 AM.

It took all the sorting and labeling and proper stacking to get everything in the laundry room and still be able to do laundry and get to my freezer and find my vacuum. 

What I used to have combined together is separated now. There's a box somewhere with only hanging Texas signs. There were 26, I think. About all we need for the fall is some Christmas trees and basketballs. Yes, it's time to start on Christmas. I might finally get to work on the canvases I bought back in January. 

I even dumped out all the Christmas balls for the horseshoe Christmas trees into plastic bins with lids so that they don't spill out of the cardboard banana boxes they had been. We'd get somewhere and have to pick them up out of the trailer. They always got turned over. yet, after all of that, there's still 3 cardboard boxes on the shelves if you look close enough. 

I'm ready to actually sell some stuff now! Maybe, just maybe, once I get past my super busy season at my real job, I'll try to find an online outlet other than Etsy for orders. I think they take too many fees, but that's beside the point. I haven't had time to work on online stuff. It's always something.