Pardon my whining

I'm ready for another vacation.

I don't have to go anywhere and do something like I usually want to do, I just need complete and utter down time.

I did myself a huge disservice when I took my vacation back in March. I was more plugged in that I may have had to be, but I couldn't totally disconnect during my time "off." I knew I couldn't get too far behind because I had way too many books launching the next week at work.

I've been chasing my tail ever since. Insane to-do list. Exhausting two months. I even gave up taking Good Friday off to take another holiday or day at another time. I will be taking it soon because I feel defeated. And cranky. And tired. I hope I'm not coming off too much that way though. Especially when I get emails on Sunday about an interview that night. Sigh.

I am terrible about unwinding.

There's no rest for the weary! On June 3-4, we are setting up at a two-day, 7 AM (set-up) to 8 PM (or so) baseball tournament to sell crafts. I will NOT be doing my up-until-the-wee-hours-working-on- projects stretch in the week leading up to it this time though. No need for that this time!

Now as my mind goes in circles, I really need to work on my VBS lesson for the second week of June.

My mind is spinning so much, I'm dizzy!