Have you started watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies yet?

Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. Christmas comes at the same time every year, but society, the world, retailers, someone, some people, whoever, start the holiday hoopla earlier and earlier.

Yes, this coming from the person who was actually looking for Hobby Lobby to put out Christmas decorations in June. I still stand by the fact I have to do that in order to have Christmas product ready for when fall craft shows start. Yes, I start selling Christmas decorations at the the first craft show after school starts. It's expected there, and I'm still saying it's different for me. I'm not ready to celebrate it yet. For example, my own Christmas tree will not go up (if I put it up) until around Thanksgiving. (I say if because I get in a funk every year putting it up, but I'm sure it will go up. That's another post for another day.) It's just something I make. I may sing Christmas songs as I write lyrics on items, but I'm kind of de-synthesized to it if that makes sense.

I know a family that gets out all of their Christmas decorations the day after Halloween, just like Walmart. Well, Walmart started before then, but they finish up around that time. 

Another sign of the holiday season is when the Hallmark Channel starts their daily Christmas movies with Countdown to Christmas. Yes, that has started as well! The female friends on my Facebook feed are giddy over it. Absolutely giddy. 

I'll make a confession... I turned to the Hallmark Channel yesterday as I propped my ankle up with ice bags on each side as I collapsed onto the couch. 

Let me share a sneak peek with you about the premiere of one of this year's new movies with you. It's one of TWENTY-ONE new holiday features premiering on the network this season. There is plenty of sweet, family friendly goodness to go around. It’s called Enchanted Christmas*. Here’s the description of the movie:

Young widow, Laura Trudeau (played by Alexa PenaVega) was a remarkable dancer. Now working as a project manager in LA, she is tasked to renovate a rundown hotel lodge, in her hometown of Rosemont, Utah and have it ready by Christmas eve. She is stunned to run into her former love and dance partner Ricardo Archuleta, (Carlos PenaVega) who she discovers is in rehearsals for The Christmas Eve shows grand finale, with his new dance partner Taylor (Chelsie Hightower, “Dancing with the Stars”).  When Taylor has an audition abroad, Laura once again finds herself back in Ricardo’s arms. Feelings are rekindled, and with both the hotel opening and the show in jeopardy, Laura has to make some difficult decisions, both personally and professionally.

If you thought you recognized the main character, Laura, you probably did. Alexa PenaVega skyrocketed to fame in the Spy Kids series of movies. Now she’s all grown up and co-starring with her husband, Carlos PenaVega. They even contributed their musical talents by recording one of the songs for the movie. Is there anything they can’t do?

Enchanted Christmas airs on November 12th on Hallmark Channel at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST. Don’t miss it!

*Enchanted Christmas is a Mission Pictures International and Gabriel Productions, LLC production. Cindy Bond and Gene Davis serve as Executive producers. James Wilberger and Jarrod Phillips are producers. Terry Cunningham directed from a script by Rick Garman and Catherine Y. Friday.  #HallmarkChannel #EnchantedChristmas #CountdowntoChristmas #Missionpicturesintl