A quick glimpse at Nashville

I didn't do much site seeing while in Nashville for PubU and the Christy Awards, but here are a few pictures. Caitlin did an around the town at night kind of thing after a day of conference sessions. That's what you do on business trips!

This Studebaker truck was parked outside Monell's where I ate when I got into town. The man who drove it was one of the people seated at the table where I ate. It's family style dining, and you get to know new people because you will not be seated alone.

This is the Monell's location near the airport. Caitlin and I went to the one in Germantown the next morning, and I didn't get a picture of it. If you go to Nashville, go to Monell's. It is an experience. 

We went around the block twice to get this picture. We passed by it once by accident, then had to go back. If you watch the TV series, Nashville, you'll recognize Highway 65 Records. It was Rayna's label.

The Parthenon looks spooky at night. Caitlin had seen it in the daylight, and said it was much cooler at night.

We weren't able to get into The Bluebird Cafe because they were booked up, but wanted to see it anyway. It's so small! It's also in a strip mall and we didn't find it the first time we drove by.