When a good day falls flat on its face

We had a absolutely awesome event this weekend. We were busy most of the day (extremely so in the morning). Sometimes we even had a line (or two) in order to pay. We sold enough of the items I stayed up working on until 2 AM most every day this past week to make it seem kind of worth the sleep deprivation. I've been working my tail off to have stuff made up because I won't be able to make anything next week while I am Nashville on a business trip.

I've been super dooper stressed with trying to get things done at work, items made at night, and getting ready to go on this trip in between two weekends with events. The really good day helped a lot, then the evening tripped me up, literally.

We found a rather random restaurant to eat at because we were driving around trying to find a place to A) park the trailer and B) didn't have a long wait. When we came out, we came out what may have been the side door. We aren't really sure. We went across the patio, and down a funky step. Mom was careful. Dad was careful. I was paying attention and trying to be careful, but after I stepped down the one step that was kind of shallow and then stepped down off the curb, my left ankle twisted. When it twisted, I landed flat down on my shins and knees. I remember putting my hands down, but I must have landed smack on my legs because the wrists aren't sore and hands not scratched.

Dad came around with the car so I didn't have to hobble as far to the car, but I sat where I couldn't prop my foot up. When I got home an hour later, I don't know if I can say I could/can walk.

In addition to a very bruised and swollen ankle, I'm battered and bruised from the knees down, and talk about sore.

If I weren't stressed about the coming week, I am now. Airports. Walking across a college campus to where our conference is. Can you say nervous wreck? Please say a prayer for me. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Dad is kicking himself saying we should have gone out the front door. I say this could have happened stepping off any curb. It seriously could have.

UPDATE on Monday: I started off the day walking quite normally, but a little slowly to start the day. Definitely in need of rest as the day goes on. I have travel adventures to share sometime in the week to come.