Every recipe does not need garlic

I really don't get the obsession with garlic. Every recipe does not need it, contrary to the beliefs of the chefs of EveryPlate.

For example, on a burger... unnecessary. Especially, if it is just infusing butter to brush onto a bun. 

I love me a good burger. Definitely could eat a burger every week. Until COVID, I did have one every week. In trying to keep away from carryout right now, this will get me my burgers.

(NOTE: I went three months without anything from Sonic or Whataburger. That's like a miracle, especially for avoiding Sonic Happy Hour.)

I love grilled onions, so this was great. I skipped making carrot fries and went with some frozen ones I had left in the freezer.

There was a restaurant here in town that used to serve corn soup. It was awesome. It was $2.99 a bowl at Don Jose's and made for an awesome cheap lunch. One of my co-workers from days of old and I were supposed to get the recipe when they took it off the menu, but we never got it. It was even served with garlic bread.

While this didn't quite match Don Jose's corn soup, this was pretty good and easy to make.

And here's another pork chop recipe. Similar to last week's it had apricot jam, but instead of soy sauce, this one had chicken stock concentrate. It was pretty good.

I had carrots left from the other recipe so roasted them along with the carrots and green beans. I didn't think mashing two little potatoes was worth the effort. I'd never made fresh green beans myself. I don't understand why fresh always seem rubbery or at least so squeaky when you bite into them.

It's still taking forever to cook, but this is eating better and still easier than ordering groceries to cook. Sometimes I eat the leftovers for lunch and sometimes for dinner. It really works out portion wise. Last week I thought, "This doesn't look like much," but it's been perfectly fine.

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