My favorite recipe so far

This week, we mix it up a little bit. Except potatoes. I'm getting kind of tired of the potatoes.

EveryPlate sends all the ingredients you need except vegetable and olive oil, salt and pepper. And ketchup. They assume if you have nothing else you have ketchup. Sometimes that is not a given with me. With this recipe, you spice up the ketchup.

I had some parm to sprinkle on them in the fridge. These were pretty good. I have to be careful about how much lemon zest and juice I use. I have discovered I don't like a whole lot. I do need to order me a zester and a slicer though.

For this next recipe, it was my first recipe with mushrooms.

This was awesome! It came close to something I'd have at the Italian restaurant I like here in town. I stole a carrot from another recipe to add in. All it needed was the fresh bread from that restaurant to go with it.

This chicken recipe was good too. I'm eating a lot of onion these days. A whole lot of onion. I've even Googled to see if eating a lot of onion was bad for you. It's actually supposed to help with blood pressure. I really was wondering if it caused issues.

I did mash potatoes this time. I added in some cream cheese to them too.

I might be making better time since I know what the recipes usually call for now. 

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