My box arrived half cooked

There was no EveryPlate cooking this week.

UPS didn't deliver my box on Friday like they were supposed to. Evidently, it never made the truck because I asked the UPS driver about it when he delivered the box on Monday. 

Supposedly, with the ice packs and packing material, the food can be delivered fresh within 48 hours. That means if it came a day late, it is supposed to be ok. In Texas in July, that's doubtful. UPS didn't run on Saturday.

When my box came on Monday, I was able to salvage a few veggies. I had to throw away sour cream, a lot of milk and packages of cheese. This was the cheese from my box. Melted and separated. 

The ice packs were melted and the meat was not just not cool, they were warm to the touch. I joke when I say half cooked, but they were headed that direction.

Once I FINALLY got through to customer service (they still have a limited staff it seems), I did get my refund, but it threw me off for the week not having my box since I got used to it. This was the fault of UPS. They flat out didn't get it on the right truck.

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