Friday, January 11, 2019

My tree is down and my office smells like burnt hair

When I didn't get my Christmas tree up until December 11 and said it would have to be up for a month, I didn't really intend for a good 10 days of that to be mostly dismantled in middle of the floor. 

A good two-thirds to three-fourths came down on January 1. And there it sat with piles of branches around the floor--piles I had to walk around in order to get to the bathroom for 10 days.

I finally made myself finish the job last night.

What remains is this:

I truly am amazed my tree doesn't look like Charlie Brown's after it looses all these fake needles every time I put it up. My tree is still more full than any tree you can buy these days.

I have a little room vacuum upstairs that is now protesting after trying to suck all this up. It now smells when you turn it on. I emptied out the canister hoping it would take care of the rest. Now I think I'm going to have to cut hair out. I think it's the hair caught up on the roller I'm smelling. Could be the belt. Even if it was working, I'll still be finding these for all of eternity.

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