If I were going to dye my hair

If I were going to dye my hair, the color that I would pick sure wouldn't be "Bologna Blonde."

I really do think my phone listens to me in my sleep and catches me on occasion snoring (when my head is stopped up or I end up on my back) and thereby thinks I need a sleep machine and a way to clean my CPAP. I mean, why else would I get those ads on Facebook? I sure haven't been searching for such things and have not talked about needing them.

However, I must be age targeted right now for ads on social media for ads for hair color. On Facebook and Instagram both, I have had multiple hair dye ads come up, specifically for the color Bologna Blonde. I've seen other ads from other companies as well since.

Why all of a sudden I'm getting hair dye ads on all my social media, I have no idea. I've not looked for hair color. I have not talked about my hair color. I have not posted about having grey popping out. Unlike other "big brother" type ads everyone has been talking about, I've not even thought about it.

The thing that really struck me as funny was the name of the color. City in Italy or not Bologna is pronounced baloney in the US. That's a terrible name. No one would want to answer "Baloney Blonde" when asked the color of your hair. You are not going to spell B-O-L-O-G-N-A when someone asks your hair color. Not that spelling it would help. Anyone of a certain age is going to spell to the tune of the Oscar Meyer commercial. (That's how I taught the kids the one semester I taught school and that was a bonus spelling word.)

I so wish I could share the link to the comments. When I shared it with a friend, they couldn't access it. I screenshot a couple, but I must have deleted those from my phone too. I can't even find it in my Facebook chat conversation. 

Someone volunteered to be their color namer since they obviously needed a new one. GIFs of bologna abounded. 

I am way too low maintenance to color my hair. I don't want to spend money and time on upkeep either. They are just absolutely barking up the wrong tree. I've been coming up with all  kinds of excuses not to even straighten or curl it. Scratch that, even brush all the way through it. I'm going to have knotty dreads before you know it. Even if happens, I assure you they will be in my natural color, whatever that is.