The Cross by Arthur Blessitt

From Hollywood to Iran, Jerusalem to Poland,
One Man with One Message: The Cross

“And then Jesus said to lay it all down, and let your vision be no bigger than the next person you meet. Following that vision has carried me around the world.” -Arthur Blessitt

Over the past thirty-eight years, Arthur Blessitt has walked the globe with one purpose in mind as he carried a twelve-foot wooden cross. Traveling more than 38,000 miles, visiting every sovereign nation and island group in the world, his pursuit has amazed and puzzled the world. This journey, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under “World’s Longest Walk,” is one that has taken him through war zones, across jungles, and even to the penguins of Antarctica.

Blessitt’s new autobiography, The Cross (Authentic), will destroy, and then re-define, every reader’s assumptions about the cross and what it means to follow Jesus. Blessitt’s cross walk converts to action two foundational ideas: The cross is God’s message of love, and the cross is for everyone.

“I have had the privilege of reinterpreting the cross. Many people feel that the cross is against them. They [falsely] think the cross is against my sexual orientation or I had an abortion, so God hates me,” Blessitt says. The Cross is filled with story after story of the miraculous reception the cross—and with it, Blessitt’s delivery of the gospel—has received in unlikely places like Communist Poland, Lebanon, Iran, isolated tribal lands, and Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. Blessitt explains, “In many places—particularly in Muslim countries—the cross has historically been a sign of offense, due mainly to the actions of ‘Christendom.’ I have carried the cross of love into Muslim countries and not only survived, but I’ve been welcomed.”

Blessitt’s journey has attracted worldwide attention, and his story has been covered by ABC News, Christianity Today, Variety, and a host of other noted media. The Cross offers Blessitt’s perspective on the most fascinating moments such as meeting with Yasser Arafat on two different occasions, once after walking through a battle between five different armies with his twelve-year-old son. Blessitt was also able to share the message of Jesus with Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. On another occasion, he was beaten and jailed along with a group of Spanish pastors under Francisco Franco’s fascist regime.

Blessitt has befriended presidents, held audience with kings, and spoken before crowds 500,000 strong, however, his ministry was never about seeking the spotlight. More often than not, he has sought “the least of these”—the nameless victims of war, the obscure tribe on a hidden island, the oppressed people forgotten by the rest of the world.

The power of Blessitt’s cross has not only changed the world, it has transformed him. “Many people have dreams and visions of doing mighty things for God and making an impact on the world. That was my prayer also.”

The Cross by Arthur Blessitt
Authentic Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-934068-67-0/221 pages/softcover/$17.99