What can you do?

I've been a bad, bad blogger lately. It's not that I haven't posted at all in the past couple of weeks, it's that I've posted all about books, mainly books I've been working on. Not that it's a bad thing--I'm trying to get people interested--it's just not what makes my blog, well, really my blog.

All of the book related posts really reflects my life right now though--very work focused. I've had a lot of books releasing and a lot going on. It really seems like it has been work all the time the past couple of weeks. Scratch the seems. It has been. But here we are at the weekend, and I'll try to find some fun and my sense of humor to do some personal blogging this weekend.

I've texted my brother to see if Peyton wants me to entertain her tomorrow instead of having to go to Paige's softball game up wherever the tournament is. I've not heard back. I really need her to help me straighten up the mess in my guest room where I have stuff spread out everywhere figuring out what I have for VBS crafts. She doesn't like messes, and I could use the help. Mom saw it earlier when she stopped by while I looked up something online that we were trying to figure out. She said that Peyton would throw a fit if she saw it.

I've only seen my nieces for about 3 minutes in the past two weeks. Very unusual and I miss them like crazy. They honked at me when I was getting in my car yesterday afternoon. They stopped up the road at the cleaners, and I pulled in to talk to them before I headed on to my scheduled attitude adjustment. I must say that it did me a world of good, and I have a much better attitude today.

With the weather pretty freaky right now, I probably should turn off the computer right now. It's not quite 9:30, but I could probably go on to sleep. I'm so ready to sleep late tomorrow. In addition to sorting craft supplies, I plan to do scrapbook stuff. I have about 300 more pictures that I need to put in the book. I don't know why I do scrapbooks like I do. After doing it once, it's kind of the expectation of both my family and myself. My books tell a story in the fashion that my blog takes on when I'm in my storytelling groove. I can make fun of my parents and they actually find it funny in that format.