Funny In Rather Short Takes

Don't give up! Someday, I'll be a regular blogger again. Someday.

I've had a lot of stuff on my mind and have been stressed to a frazzle the last couple of weeks. And when I'm like that, I can't blog. I just can't do it. I become a blogger recluse.

I don't want to be that way.

That's not to say that I've totally been without a sense of humor. At moments, I have given some people quite the laugh. I tried this line on a few people today:

"My brother has actually called to talk to me this week. He's was trying to sell me insurance."

Sad, but absolutely true.

Earlier today, I was pitching Bonnie Grove's book Talking to the Dead. (Great book that I highly recommend...) The radio host said, "By the title, I'm not sure we could do that one."

"It's not what you think by the title. It's a story of dealing with grief, not like John Edwards saying, 'I see someone near you with grey hair. Name starts with an M...' 'Mom?' 'Yes, that's it!'"

That wasn't the whole of my pitch, but let's just say that by the time I finished, Bonnie Grove was confirmed with KFUO radio in St. Louis this afternoon at 5:30 PM CDT.

What I found funny, well, maybe funny isn't really the appropriate term for it, but interesting, was to watch Facebook around 4:30 today... The commentary on Michael Jackson and how it was spreading. Oh, I was posting status messages too, but just very interesting. I guarantee you there will have to be a news story on the number of Tweets and Facebook comments made about the news of Michael Jackson's death.

It's crazy what gets our attention, isn't it?


Unknown said…
And you know what? It was a wonderful interview that was half talking about the book and half "the counselor is in" session. We talked about loss, grief, Bob Newhart, and how to live with the "new normal" of loss. It was great! Thanks for booking such interesting interviews - and sorry the title is giving you a stitch in the side. :)
Audra Jennings said…
I think that the title can be a conversation starter!

I'm glad it turned out well and was wondering if you would see this post. :)