So much for that

Tonight after church, I wanted to do something so that when someone asked me, "what did you do this weekend?" I would have an answer.

So, I asked Jenny if she wanted to do something. We agreed we were both broke, yet did want to do something, so she asked, "do you want to see Up? Because I really kind of do." Agreed. We wouldn't wait around to take my nieces. We would do what two single, independent 30-something year-old-women would do... We would go to a Disney movie on a whim.

Now, for a long while, the Corsicana movie theater has been more than a bit ghetto. However, the tickets cost half as much as a decent theater, and it beats paying for a tank of gas to drive anywhere else on a Sunday night. (We've been there, done that a number of times in the past - about 7-8 years ago. We'll just say that our friend, the youth minister at the time, wasn't the most responsible influence on us. We're getting too old for that now.)

However, I hear the Corsicana theater now has new chairs and is trying to raise its ghetto factor. Oh well, it was something to do. So we pull up with mere minutes to spare, and pull out our money. Jenny first, "one adult to Up."

The cashier tells us, "the air conditioner is out in that theater and it's pretty hot in there. It's like 80 or 83 degrees. It's not going to be very comfortable."

Well, that's a convincing sales job. No thanks, I think I'll pass.

So, Jenny gets pizza for cheap at Domino's, so it was over to my house to see what was on video on demand. We watched Bride Wars which was actually pretty cute and funny.

Jenny decided long ago that if she ever gets married, it's JP all the way. I don't see myself ever getting married at all, so I don't really think that either of us could identify so much. The thought of the two of us having a knock down, drag out is kind of funny though. Yeah, I do have a weird sense of humor.