Just one more day... a teaser

I finally had something very funny to share and do a true Audra blog. However, you are just going to have to wait one more day. I'll post tomorrow morning.

I have been an irresponsible sleeper this week. (I've read 5 times in the past three weeks about much sleep adults are supposed to have.) Too late to bed/too early to rise. Especially the past two days. Way too little sleep and it took its toll on me. I just took a nap on the couch - I had to rest before even thinking about blogging because I was so tired - and I'm just waking up enough to be half coherent. But then, I don't want to sit here and wake up too much. I'm about to go to bed instead of staying up way too late again.

If you want to know more, go to my Facebook profile and read the commentary going on there. I promise you will find out more there if you are curious. And it sure beats the teaser on TLN about Jon and Kate's big announcement. That there is a travesty. I think doing that show really screwed them up. Will it be the big "D" or are they quitting the show? I hope the latter. I've heard and seen enough of them. Their poor children are going to need so much counseling. (I can recommend some good ones.) I feel sorry for the 8.

OK, enough of this. I must go to bed because tomorrow will be a late night, and I need sleep. Elvira!